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How do you keep your earbuds from getting tangled?

Asked by nikipedia (27526points) February 28th, 2009

I don’t like wrapping them around my ipod because 1. they get all twisty and 2. I worry it damages the wiring inside. Is there a good alternative that I’m not thinking of?

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I have a really good method, but it’s hard to explain on paper. Here it goes:

Pinch the earbids between your thumb and palm. Now make the devil horn \../ with your other 4 fingers. Take the cord and figure 8 it around the index finger and pinky that are standing up. Finally, take the final 4-ish inches and wrap them around the cord, in between your two fingers. Then just stick the plug up through one of the loops.
The final product should look like this O|||O_

I think there might be an illustrated guide somewhere; I’ll try to find it.

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I can’t stand earbuds. So I bought these. Maybe the best purchase of my entire life.

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@Eambos i use the same method. i think it was on

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Yes, it was. LH is the best!

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Twisting them up real quick around your iPod does, in fact, damage the wires. Same thing with old video game controllers that had wires, especially the playstation ones. The way I keep mine from getting damaged and wrap it up real quick is instead of spinning the wires around the iPod, I let the earbuds dangle while I roll the iPod over and over in my hand, reeling in the earbuds. When the earbuds are all rolled up, i tuck the leftover ends inside the loop created where the earbuds plug into the iPod.

It’s quick and it keeps the earbuds right on the iPod instead of dangling and the wires don’t get twist damage. Just don’t wrap them too tight!

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Here is the LifeHacker link, just in case you wanted a better description.

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I just wrap them around my iPod, and I untangle them when I use them, I don’t really care because it only takes about 30 seconds. But I dropped my iPod in the rain the other day, and now one of the earbuds doesn’t play. : (

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