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Whats the best gift you've ever recived?

Asked by Nicole18 (108points) February 28th, 2009
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In terms of sheer wonder, it was the box of fifty crumpled up $1 bills that my mom gave me when I was about 12. We were poor and she saved up for a long time to do that, and I felt like all things were possible! She even threw in a jellybean, and had me shake the box first and try to guess what it was.

Sentimentally, I’d have to say the $10 engagement ring that my guy gave me when he asked me to marry him. I suppose that wasn’t the real gift, though. :D

For most practical, I once received the three-shot Hepatitis B vaccine for Christmas. One less way I could possibly die!

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The best gift I ever received was in the form of good advice. Changed my life.

“When you do something stupid, always be the first to admit it. That way, other people can only agree with you.”

It was apocryphal; instead of stressing about how to hide mistakes, I decided to own them and learn to correct them.

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A bone marrow transplant. I still had other issues, it didn’t work, as planned; however, to know that there are people that giving in this world- well, it makes you see things in a whole new light.

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the gift of my life..thanks MOm!

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Wow, mine all sound so shallow now…

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@laureth – your comment is not shallow

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@laureth – Why? You mother gave you more than just money – she gave you hope and dreams! Believe me, for a mom, that is a wonderful gift to know that you gave a child.

It was a wonderful gift and it’s something that meant far more to you than just the monetary value – you saw the true value. :)

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well jeesh ,...I was going to say a purse… but now.. My fathers help in life.

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@babirurtle36, I personally would like a Kate Spade purse. When I have a bad day, I go to the Macy’s page, and fantasize about buying a $500 purse.

I know buying stuff doesn’t make you happy, but I would like to receive something impractical every now and then… Actually, now that I think about it, I would like to WIN a $500 Kate Spade purse. I would feel bad about anyone spending that kind of money on gift for me.

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@AlfredaPrufrock loooove kate spade, good choice. Im hoping for a jimmy choo for my birthday, well see about that. You know another great gift I have received is friendship. I moved out here not knowing anyone but my boyfriend, and all his friends opened their arms to me and always invited me to do things. Its really nice and made me feel accepted.

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After my favorite dog died, my friends gave me an amber locket with her picture in it. She was a wonderful dog, and I took her to work with me the last two years of her life because she had hip dysplasia and sometimes had trouble getting up.

She died at fifteen. I still miss her.

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My friends’ trust. Trust is, I think, the greatest gift anyone can give or receive.

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I was at first trying to think of some gift from a box.. like a firetruck or a dvd.. but every gift I’ve received in my lifetime just seems inconsequential, minute, and negligible when compared to the gift of being forgiven. Maybe it would be different if someone bought me a challenger.

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@NaturalMineralWater the one like NASA has or a Dodge Challenger? I might have on in my Hot Wheels collection, I’ll check and get back to ya!

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@evelyns_pet_zebra I think if I got the one from NASA I would just sell it… so yes.. the Dodge Challenger. Life size.

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A second chance.

Though the complete set of Mark Twain books was pretty damn awesome, too.

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When I was little all I wanted was a glass chess set, and I asked for one every single year for Christmas and my birthday from 3rd grade to 8th grade. I forgot about it and my sophomore year of high school I opened a gift from my sister during Christmas and there it was, my glass chess set. I cried a lot. lol

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I’ve always wanted to receive the complete works of Dickens…but that hasn’t happened as yet

I’m gonna have to keep thinking about this one….

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My dog Bruno….. Not my first dog mind you…. but the first gift i got right out of med school…. barely a puppy… my companion through pretty much everything….. (fiancee came later)

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When i got pregnant with my son I was still living with my parents and the father was nowhere to be seen. I was faced with the prospect of staying at home with my mum and dad because I couldn’t get a place and estate agents make it very difficult for you to rent a house if you are out of work… or waiting for a council house to come available (could have been years). Although i was grateful that i indeed had a roof over my head, it was far from ideal. Two weeks before i was due to have my baby, my mum and dad found a house just round the corner from them up for rent, they arranged a viewing, explained my situation, asked the landlord to consider them being the guarantor (as i would be on housing benefit); the landlord agreed. They put down the first two months rent for me and loaned me £2000 to get set up with furniture and appliances etc. I was moved in within a week. This was the best gift I could have ever been given… the provision of a peaceful home for the future of me and my little boy

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My husband and I adopted our daughter. We feel she was truly a gift.

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