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What is your definition of "risk"?

Asked by bigbanana (494points) February 28th, 2009

What have you risked? How did you find the courage?

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“a strategy game to rule the world”

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My definition? Doing something that has a pretty good chance at failing.

I started my own business, then sold my first company to someone I took on as a partner. I did that due to my health and then decided to start again, as a consultant and it’s been pretty successful, so far.

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To me risk = anything that involves taking a chance at losing something whether it be money, time, possessions, life, whatever

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Something for you to do or agree with that, should it fail, has bad consequences for you or someone you care about.

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In all seriousness it is opening my photography studio soon. Even in this economy.

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@willbrawn Best of luck mate! Your doing what a lot of people should be, moving forward!


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Taking chances, tempting fate, venturing outside of your safety zone, trying new things, being adventurous, facing your fears, living on the edge.

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There’s a good story about a college applicant who had to write the essay portion of his application. The essay instruction was “Define risk.”

The student wrote in giant letters “THIS IS RISK.”

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Sometimes it’s the only way you can get what you really want.

Ok, not really a definition, but think of the reward!

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some probability of danger

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a sweet board game

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@kevinhardy What’s your definition of sweet?

I’ve played it and I wouldn’t go that far with the description. I would consider Stratego closer to being sweet than I would Risk.

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its a great strategy board game

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well, R.I.S.K was also a cpu design (reduced instruction set)

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Risk is the perceived likelihood of something happening that is perceived as dangerous. Therefore, rather subjective in my opinion.

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Danger + Opportunity

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