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Law School students and grads: What law school do you suggest?

Asked by alive (2933points) February 28th, 2009

If you are a law school student or graduate, tell me about your law school and if you recommend it or not. Specialized programs? Atmosphere? Teachers? Conservative vs. Liberal? Rigorousness? What was your undergrad major? etc. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks in advance for me too. I was just thinking about asking this as well.

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Not sure, I’m not planning on going to law school, but I know there are several good ones.

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Eh I am not a lawyer nor am I really considering going to law school. There are a lot of factors that go into what law school you go to, and its really hard for anyone to pick one out for someone else. If we are talking about the best law school I guess Harvard or Yale are pretty good choices, but obviously being accepted and price are an issue, so in that case it comes down to what school is in your price range and you can get accepted into. And then like you said if you want to do something specialized then it really has nothing to do with any of those factors. I talked to a lawyer a while back about law schools and he said what made him choose was the amount of recruiters that a school attracted, so for him OSU Moritz Law school was a good option for him, compared to other law schools in Ohio. Also Political Science is a good major to pick for pre law, or any major that requires a lot of critical and analytical thought. But in all honesty there is no single major that will shine over the others if you do well on your LSAT and get a good gpa. it just helps to focus on a study that will force you to do a lot of what I mentioned.
here check this out, it has some good info

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Do not go to law school.

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@mirifique: and why do you say that?

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