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Currently… I work to live. As a college student in this economy, I think that is expected. I hope, however, to be fortunate enough to one day live to work.

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work to live. Definitely right now with the recession and what not.

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Until I get a job that I won’t think of as work – because I love it so much – I’ll work to live. I hope that sometime after I finish college I’ll get to live out one of my dreams and then I’ll live to work.

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I work to live. Seeing I just go to school. :P

Which can be fun.

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Work to live. Working provides me with the money I use to pursue hobbies and to put a roof over my head/food in my belly.

Eventually I’d like there to be no boundaries between the two. Doing a job where it doesn’t feel like I’m having to slave away. Luckily my current job is not soul sucking, it’s quite enjoyable actually.

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I work at things I don’t love in order to live to work at things I do love.

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I work to live, but I am fortunate that i’m able to do what I love.

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In general I work to live and live to play.

But I also live to work with babies. Which in many aspects is play. So I guess you could say I live and work to play?

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I am making the transition from “work to live” to “live to work”. It’s scary, but it’s not living if I have to force myself out of bed everyday to do “work” I don’t like, am not proud of, and that doesn’t make life better for anyone.

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I work to live as well. I wish I could do what I love, but it’s hard to make a living from creative endeavors even when the economy is good. I never got a college degree, so I’ve been stuck doing “low end” jobs, too. (I never dreamed to become a cashier or enter data for a living when I was a kid, that’s for sure!) Kids, stay in school, mmm’kay?

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work to live. and also work to not work.

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Some days it feels like I work to live. Other days, if I’m lucky it feels more like I live to work. But those days are slim to none. I really, really am hoping for and keeping an open mind that some day I truly will live to work, I can’t imagine how amazing that must be.

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Right now, I’d kill to work to live. Well, maybe not kill, but you know…
Unemployment sucks.

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Work to live…all 4 jobs

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I work to live. If I were to live to work, I’d be a ne’er-do-well, and my wife would be really pissed with me.

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I definitely work to live. Though I do enjoy what I do and don’t much mind going everyday, I always wish I was somewhere else, doing something I’d rather be doing.

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I work as little as possible, just to make enough to survive on.

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Work to live. I would really rather not work at all, but I do go stir crazy at home. But, we need my income to help pay bills.

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Work to live – that is, to finance the things I’d rather do with my life. If I ever became financially independent, I’d certainly have no trouble filling my time if I quit my job.

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A little bit of both. I work to live—I’m a college student, I need to get work done to get anywhere—but I also love the work that I do. I study and prepare for my classes both out of necessity and out of interest. I’m incredibly lucky, in that sense, I think…I don’t know many other college students that enjoy reading several hundred pages a week.

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@amandala, what’s your field?

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I work to live… I only work because I must or else my life will be sucky.

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I liveto work.. Everybody does in reality.. Everybody was made to live, but then what after?? You need to live to work to get where you NEED to be..

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And where you NEED to be is alive, right? And you work to attain that, yes? To me, this says “work to live.”

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Cops have never made much money for the job they perform. i can truly state that i looked forward to each that i had to go to work. no two days were ever alike and i loved that. so, i guess i loved to work. i made up for the money by working two jobs for 20 years.

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I work to live. I would much rather be always playing and having fun. Someday I will be able to though so I will just have to wait until then

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