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How (and more importantly, why) do people 'stealth' their fluther page?

Asked by evelyns_pet_zebra (12903points) March 1st, 2009

There is someone on here I want to add to my fluther, but when I click on their avatar or name, I get sent to a page with an odd-looking man in a messy apartment that looks like he just woke up and it says ‘page not found, yeah’ or some such nonsense. So what gives?

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Usually that only happens after the user has been banned/asked for their account removed. Are you sure they are still active?

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Exactly what @Eambos said. If you PM me, I can investigate further.

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You think Ben is odd-looking?

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I think it’s Ben to whom Evelyn is referring.

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cough Ben cough

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I don’t think I know of a more adorable picture. (Spoken like a mother—but it’s true anyway.)

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Ben was simpy having a bad hair day. He is adorable (spoken like an aunt – but it’s true anyway.)

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Well Ben might be cute and adorable, but the picture is a fright. If I can’t be honest on Fluther, then pray tell, where should I be honest, on my tax returns? Yeah right. Besides, RichardHenry is the REALLY cute one.

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