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Celebrity Apprentice? Is anyone watching this? Thoughts?

Asked by Jude (32190points) March 1st, 2009

Big egos. Hilarious.

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Clay is off already. big surprise. he’s a wang.

i think the women are a lock this year.

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Joan Rivers’ face scares little children.

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it’s not a face, it’s a device.

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Clay would have been MY choice to fire. Too bad you don’t like to make cupcakes. If that’s what your team is doing, then YOU do it, too.

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Like you’re going to call out Trump, let alone on his own show. His ass was grass the minute he brought up the bagels.

and WTF with KUTO?

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Yeah, I know. KUTO!???

Right now I think the poker player is the one to watch.

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she’ll run her mouth and get kicked. the playmate is surprisingly smart, but i can see a mile away they’ll split up the Rivers to see what happens, and market the f**k out of it.

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The poker player was RIGHT to want to know how much money they would get for the full box of cupcakes.

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No, that was a smart move. She is super bossy though, and that usually doesn’t end well on this show.

i can’t believe they made that much more than the guys though.

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