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Who among us are proud to be labeled "grammar police"?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) October 22nd, 2007

Count I in. (And what about your feelings on hyphenated words?) viz: I must have that…..what are must-have toys?

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I like being part of grammar SWAT. I am OK (“oll korrect?”) with hyphenating words, especially since I use them in my everyday life (e.g. white-fronted brown lemur).

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I’m a paid up member of the grammar Gestapo. As for hyphens, I think context and flow of prose are more important than a rigid rule.

This post might be of interest:

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I’m all for water-boarding repeat offenders. I think of my-self as more “grammar-vigilante” than po-po.

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MUST READ THIS: Eats, Shoots & Leaves. If you’ve ever felt the urge to grab a monster permanent marker and travel the world correcting grammar mistakes, this book is for you (and me!).

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In one of his novels, David Foster Wallace (one of my fave. writers) suggests that we boycott supermarkets where the express line has a sign that says; ”“10 items or less.”

I noticed that my Price Chopper, mediocre in most areas, says “10 items or fewer.”

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@gezd: thanks for funny, funny link. I knew that there are still clever, eloquent, law-abiding writers out there. But do I need another excuse to hang out with them? (That’s rhetoric, son.)

@dee: that book title keeps reapearing. I did love it; I have always felt that I was born w. a red pencil surgically attached to me. I’m glad to know that I am not alone.

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Sometimes, I believe Grammar Gestapo to be more apropos and euphonious. I prefer to think of myself as a Grammar Therapist. Is gailcalled a grammar gramma?

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Or Gail, how about a septuagenarian grammarian? I like the ring of that! (Unless I have your age wrong!)

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@gezd:After a lot of staring and pondering, I would include the hyphen in paid-up.

@sjd: exactly my kind of article. Thanks

@Hoss: Don’t I wish! I have a grandcat (not very satisfactory) and several grand nephews and a grand niece (very satisfactory altho far away) Grammar greataunt? Not very mellifluous. However, G Gestapo has a nice ring.

@)brownlemur: not bad, but septuagenarian ultragrammarian is a double-double, or quadruple* dacty. You got my age spot-on. (Some of which I now note on back of hands, sadly).

*See infamous poetic biographical verse form:

double dactyl

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I’ve given up my grammar policing. I hate lost causes. But I do enjoy a good hyphen.

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funny-ass strip Poser

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I’m a former member of the Grammar police. I felt kind of superior, then I realized the vast majority of people don’t give a hoot about grammar. Now I leave it to grammar checker software to do the police work for me, realizing that it won’t catch everything, but that’s OK.

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@mcbealer—I think you mean, “Funny ass-strip.”

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@ Poser ~ no, I meant what I wrote.

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I think supernutjob should sign up to be a written rhetoric rightest.

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Rightest Rightist?

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I was, then I took a course in linguistics and was cured.

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Count me in, but I prefer the term Grammar toll collector.


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