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They are very pretty and are most often seen after the rain. That association has given them the position of being the treat at the end of something bad. After a bad storm, you get a rainbow. It associates them with luck (you don’t always get one) and other good things. It also puts them in a strong position to become a metaphor.

Sometimes people sing about good things.

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`cause its pretty!!!!

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Because corny songs sell.

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You know, I’ve always wondered this. And along the same lines, what’s on the other side? And are they visions? Or only illusions?

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I don’t know but I will have to check with the lovers and the dreamers.

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thanks for the earworm! ; )

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Because no one’s been clever enough to come up with a good song about frogs and pigs together yet, so it’s the old fallback – rainbows. Another blasted bloody song about blasted bloody rainbows. Hmpf.

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Because when God flooded Earth and Noah built an ark to save all of the animals then after it rained he promised never to flood Earth again then a rainbow came up!! And they all lived happily ever after!!! Am I right am I right?

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@LouisianaGirl: I’ve heard that story too. I am not so sure about the happy ending, but there was drunkenness and nakedness.

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@toleostoy oh I just like saying, “And they lived happily ever after!!!”

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Like Louisiana says and we all like someone who keeps their word….and they are a sign of light

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Because rainbows have nothing to hide.

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Rainbows represent hope after difficulties, dreams of a possible better life or place. All that and they have an unmatched ethereal beauty. The stuff of songs.

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I’m sure someday we’ll find it (the rainbow connection)

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Rainbows are symbolic of something beautiful and special and because they last for such a short duration of time and they’re not seen that often, the occasion to experience one is profound each time it happens.

The ability for singer/songwriters to put these natural phenomena into songs just adds to the already magical allure that they provide for us.

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There aren’t actually that many songs specifically about rainbows themselves, that is, the atmospheric visual phenomena. Quite a few with “rainbow” in the title, but not really as a part of the subject. Like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” isn’t about the rainbow itself, it’s more about the “somewhere over the” part.

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I think it’s partially due to the sweet sound that calls the young sailors. It might be one and the same.

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