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What does Putin's historic visit to Iran mean ?

Asked by desberg (169points) October 22nd, 2007

Is there a threat posed by a seemingly emerging Russian-Iranian nuclear alliance?

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Yes, yes, yes, yes. Russia reverting to autocratic rule + Iran getting nuclear bombs + them both working together = bad.

But then again, Russia already has nukes. Maybe Putin will find it in his own best interest to convince Iran that they don’t need their own.

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Yes, and perhaps you would like to purchase this bridge over Brooklyn or some swamp land in Florida. Dream on.

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To misunderstand the nature and threat of evil is to risk being blindsided by it. A new evil is rising in the world. Ahmadinejad is the new Hitler. Putin is a new Czar. Yet the West seems to be asleep to the implications of this dangerous new alliance.
The Bible offers an intriguing clue to what could be happening. In Ezekiel 38–39, the Hebrew Prophet Ezekiel foretold a Russian-Iranian alliance that would form with a group of other North African, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian states in what the Bible calls “the last days.” For most of the past 2,500 years since the prophecy was writtten, this had never happened. But it seems to be happening now.

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@desberg: you dude, some people are atheists or prescribe to another religion. Interesting quote though.

My response: I think it’s “business as usual” in the global market. Everyone wants everyone else’s oil and products. I bet they’ve been doing business for years. Likewise, I’m sure the West and Russia have also been doing business for years, those big old’ enemies <<<<arggghhh>>>. That’s my imitation of a pirate.

Instead of “dream on”, I say “wake up!”. Money is money. And business is business.

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