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Anyone have a great halibut recipe?

Asked by skfinkel (13537points) October 23rd, 2007

A beloved son sent fresh-caught halibut from Alaska, and I am cooking it up. Ideas?

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YES! I was just there this past august and have been enjoying my catch as well.

Mayo spread over the top, grated parmessan cheese and a touch of Lemon Pepper. Broil!

Grill on a cedar plank.

Egg wash and bread in breadcrumbs + parmessan cheese and pan fry in a tiny bit of olive oil.


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I love Old Bay seasoning (you should find it near the seafood area) on fish. I’ve tried it on Salmon. I am sure it will be as yummy on halibut.

This seasoning is good for shrimp or crab boil as well.

I will have to try the other recipes fluther community gave out. Looks great.

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