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Girls: If your Vagina could talk, What would it say?

Asked by Judi (39833points) March 7th, 2009

This question is inspired by my recent involvement in The Vagina Monologues.

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what a lovely question

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my uterus and vagina fight all the time. uterus wants a baby, and vagina refuses to go through that again.

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Get a boyfriend already.

But my head tells it to STFU.

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You know, it’s been a lovely life so far. Enough experience early on to feel enlightened and then, treasured stability. Glad I dodged the bullet with those 2 c-sections. I get enough attention, but every now & again I feel a bit neglected. The waxing is appreciated, albeit painful. The monthly trauma is annoying, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. So far, so good! And by the way, I think my vagina speaks in a voice similar to Salma Hayek.

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What the hell is going on? I haven’t had any fun in a few days, I’m bored.

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My favorite from the monologues:

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It’s been a wild ride!!! :-)

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Try the Diva Cup. Really. Please.

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Robert!? What happened to William?

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‘A, B, C, D, E, F, G…Yes! That’s it!’

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I’m beginning to atrophy here. Look into sex, would you?

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So…tired… Need baby making break… and a drink.

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That tickles. Do it again.

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“Hey, me and the butthole were talking and we want to remind you: Front to back. Always”. my mom’s mantra that I will never forget and Virgie the Vag always keeps repeating to me

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@Sueanne_Tremendous that rule applies to a lot of circumstances.

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virgie the vag?! i needed that laugh.

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“You REALLY never heard a vagina say the “F” word? Then try one more discount Brazilian wax you #$%&!”

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“Read my lips”

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“You really DO have to stop riding boy’s bikes. Really.”

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“Lets play.”


“Give me some attention!”

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Hello! Hello! Look, I know you’re busy, but sheesh! Go out! Make friends!

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I like how the guys have talking vaginas too.

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I’m kinda embarrassed to say this, but, you would probably have a lot of trouble understanding my vagina.

Mainly because it is a penis.

and it has a speech impediment

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Rough means rough. Now rail me like a freight train!!

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@Blondesjon that’s cause he’s a close talker (that’s what Jonsblond said)

“I’m not bulimic. Stop sticking your fingers down my throat!”

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Mmmpf hrrmm burrffl thppppt baauff.

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There’s nothing finer than being a vagina.

NOFX, anyone?

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“Nothing could be finer
Then to be in my Vagina
In the morning….”

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Yes, I’ve been working out. Wanna feel my muscles?

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Hey, remember me? We used to be friends. What happened to us?

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@Sueanne_Tremendous…We fellas always added the verse:

Nothing else is sweeter
Than when it’s on my peter
In the mornin’...

ahhh sixth grade…

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I think Fluther thinks that I am a girl based on some of the questions it recommends for me… bad Fluther!

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@madcapper maybe it knows your affinity for vag…

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@eponymoushipstermadcapper has an affinity for vagrants?

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@eponymoushipster aha perhaps that’s it! haha

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I think my vagina is the up all night, partying, “we’re only young once” type of gal. I’m pretty sure she’d ask for a tequila sunrise then party until the actual sunrise. Really she only speaks to order drinks, other than that I would say she thinks I have embraced the “only young once” mantra very well. ;).

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@adreamofautumn – as long as she is embracing a ‘man’tra with a condom each time – I think you’re good to go! “only young once” vaginas need to be safe so they can grow old and happy.

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@autumn43 I agree. Fortunately my “only young once” vagina is also a serial monogamist (and a safe one at that!). I swear…I don’t know where she learned such things. My brain is always telling her to knock that crap off!

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“leave me alone”

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Open gently
Enter with care
Enjoy the ride

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A happy vagina should have nothing to say

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You’re lucky to have me.

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It would say: “give me that Sybian pronto!”

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I’m ready again…Lets go! lol

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The Wife says; Please rub there and then there and then ahhhh- right there… Ohhhhh- _Yes , please add some lube and then don’t stop untill i tell you too

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I wanted to ask this question again since it’s that time of year for the Vagina Monolouges.

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“ok Violet, enough already!”

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“Please, no more fast food!”

okay, I know I shouldn’t be contributing here.

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“This is great! Could you do it a few more times before we go to sleep?”

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LOL! This question popped into my “Questions for you” section a whole year after it was posted.

“Curl those fingers and come hither”.

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Not having one I can’t say for certain but I bet it would say “my hair is a mess, my neighbor’s an ass, I have moist lips and my BFF is dick” :-)

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My vagina agrees with the first poster.

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