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Why are there so many men gynecologist's?

Asked by shego (11083points) February 11th, 2010 from iPhone

I know it is a weird question, but I just realized I have never met a female gynecologist. I know they’re out there, I have yet to meet one.

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There’s a gyne in Exeter called Dr Tickle :)

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There are plenty of female Gyn. If you would prefer a woman as a Gyn, just look one up. It was not until recently that medical school graduating classes started having similar numbers of women to men.

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Plenty of women in all fields of medicine now.

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Goodness, where I live it’s the other way around! You can barely find a male gyn, but there are plenty of women. It must be a geographic thing.

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Why aren’t there more female OB/GYNs? You know how it is. If you work at McDonald’s, you don’t want to go home and eat a hamburger.

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Is it because men like to look at vaginas?

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Don’t know,i’ll have to look up that one.

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I always felt in my area, the majority were female…but I prefer male, and the office I attend now is owned by two men. They have at least one female ob/gyn that I know of.

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@shego My wife goes to a practice that is all women gynecologists. I think there may still be more male doctors in general thanks to all sorts of educational prejudices that still exist. I can’t really imagine, if I was a woman, going to a male gynecologist, not because of being examined, but because he doesn’t have any idea what anything he is talking about actually feels like.

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@casheroo hee hee “felt in my area”

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Certain GYN practices (or individuals in the practice) focus on procedures/surgeries. Procedural focus has historically been male-dominated, although this has certainly changed (as has the field of OB-GYN).

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@TheJoker Does he have a receptionist called Miss Slappe?

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Years ago there were fewer female doctors in general. Now that women are in the field there are plenty of female GYN’s. Where do you live?

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I thought that strange too until I ripped her fake mustache off.With my foot!LOL!

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Men gynecologist’s what?

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@dpworkin:Wouldn’t that be “Man gynecologist“s” what?

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I quoted from the OP.

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@dpworkin: I know. It is all futile.

At least we didn’t get any snow this week.

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@gailcalled Their attitudes are so medieval you might call it feudal!

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@janbb: Head-ache goed, I see

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@gailcalled Yup, I not head-ached anymore. You might say my pun-sense is undergoing a renaissance.

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It’s about equal where I live. My first two were male, but my second two were female. Right now, I go to an office of 6 midwives who are all female.

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How many gynaecologists have you really met? But you’re right to think there are many more men in that field than women: that’s true of all kinds of doctors. It’s a male-dominated profession.

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In 1970, less than 10% of medical students were female. Five years later—in 1975—, only 17% of OB/GYN residents were female, but a higher and higher proportion of women have been entering the OB/GYN field. At this point, nearly 75% of OB/GYN residents are women. As older physicians retire, the overall balance of practicing OB/GYNs will be shifting to predominantly female.

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It kind of makes it weird to go and get a check up. Plus, they must feel like pervs for wanting to look at girls coochie’s for a career. Weird stuff. I had one that was a girl, she was really bad though. I bet the guy doctors know how to check it out better than the girls though.

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@Oxymoron Women usually have smaller hands…

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Women checking out other women’s Vagina’s.
I think I prefer that way of getting the job done. ;-)

Do you ladies find it that you have to go to another place in your head when you “expose” yourself to one gender or another?

Are you more comfortable with a man or a woman?

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@Oxymoron Guys know how to chek it better than girls? Are you serious?

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“Is it because men like to look at vaginas?”- @stump I couldn’t answer that, but I can tell to you that I’m sure there’s a more percentage of ones that they didn’t want to see versus the ones that were pleasant to look at. ~~shudders~~

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Women checking out other women’s Vagina’s what?

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@dpworkin yep, it’s like that, haha. ;)

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@Oxymoron you said pervs for wanting to look at girls coochie’s for a career I’ve been working as a provider of women’s health care for more than 30 years. I have never met a male OB/GYN who went into the specialty because they got pleasure from looking at women’s genitals. I won’t say they don’t exist, but rare IMO.

In the past, I have worked with some men who were probably attracted to this field because they enjoyed playing the authoritative father role—-serious power and control issues for a few—. The women’s movement of the 60s and 70s changed those dynamics, and most the OB/GYNs who took that approach got older and retired.

The best male OB/GYN physicians choose their specialty for the same reason female ones do – because they respect women and enjoy working with them, feel good about guiding women through pregnancy and being part of the miracle of birth, and like the technical aspects of surgery that are also part of the specialty.

A woman’s genitals are just another part of the human body to her OB/GYN care provider, whether the provider is a hetero male, hetero female, lesbian or gay.

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@Trillian… I certainly hope so.

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Milo here: Just want to say the topic is interesting, but could we please all remember that the plural form of a noun does not require an apostrophe; i.e., gynecologists, vaginas, “coochies”? You only use an apostrophe if you are trying to indicate possession, i.e. “male gynecologists’ offices” for plural possessive or “male gynecologist’s office” for singular.
Paid for by the Cats’ Society for Precision in Language Usage.

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@dpworkin Milo here: Don’t know that one. Is that another society I should join?

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I got North American Man Boy Love Association from that one. Seriously off-topic here.

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The hands thing is actually kind of important. I had a woman with three inch fingers, I swear, trying to rupture my membrane for me. She bruised the outside of me because her fingers were too short.
And I can’t imagine a more effective turn off for a man than some of the women I’ve had to be in the room for. The doc always has a female corpsman in the room as stand-by, for the obvious reason. There were many who… really you don’t want me to tell you. Nasty.

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The real Milo here: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

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@Milo Imitation is the sincerest form of cattery?

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I agree with @MagsRags
I don’t think male gynos go into the filed to get off – if they do, they’re in for a surprise and a bunch of rude awakenings.

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Grumpy old man Gus says: “bah, humbug. you know what? i fart gunpowder!”

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