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What is your favorite favorite?

Asked by Blondesjon (33976points) March 7th, 2009

Music, food, song, band, tv show, movie, quote, lyric, game, season, sports team, brand of feminine hygiene product, jock itch cream, soup, instrument, vehicle, bag balm, hemorrhoid cream, beer, liquor, drug, topical antihistamine, sexual position, breakfast cereal, hairstyle, motor oil, animal, relative, cartoon, salad dressing, anecdote, joke, flesh eating virus, which favorite is your favorite?

C’mon, let’s get them out of the way once and for all so I no longer have to answer World on a String by Frank Sinatra or Anusol.

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My favorite. :)

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My dog, Macula Notare, half Dalmatian, half English Setter.

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I think you are asking “Which category of potentially favorite things is your favorite one to answer ‘favorite’ questions about?” Right? So my answer might be “film stars” or “nose hair trimmers.” Is that your question?

Or are you asking “Of all the things in the world that might be your favorite something, of all the things that would be number one on your list for this or that, which is your number one of number ones—your favorite of favorites?”

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I have a favorite book right now – Final Exits: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of How We Die. It sounds morbid, but it’s absolutely fascinating.

One interesting story that I just read was about a 19 year old who got a job at a candy factory that specialized in making chocolate chips, lost his footing and fell into a twelve-hundred-gallon vat of liquified chocolate. His body wasn’t discovered until three days later, after a countless number of chocolate chips already sent to commercial bakeries has been baked into chocolate cookies! How crazy is that?

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@Jerubaif you are looking that closely at it then you should be able to see my tongue planted firmly in my cheek. i would suggest that a greater understanding may come to you if you would do the same.

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@Blondesjon, I can see that you are mocking those questions. Treating it seriously is my way of playing along.

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Here’s my whole list. Now don’t ask me again.

By the way, I tend to favor Angel Soft Double rolls.

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Hah, I guess I was slow at catching on…

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I think my favorite favorite is sex.

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I think my favorite favorite is Nestle Quik (or Nesquik as they now call it) chocolate milk. Mmm…

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My favorite favorite is Michael Palin. I’d spread him on toast if I could. I’d pour him in my bubble bath. And, like John Cleese, I’d have him as the one luxury to take on a deserted island.

He said that. He was asked that if he could take only one luxury to a deserted island, what would it be, and he said, “Michael Palin.” Somebody has a little mancrush of long standing, if you ask me.

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@aprilsimnel…l-l-lurve for k-k-k-ken…

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one of my fav fav is mint chocolate chip ice cream

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Patron. Lime. A willing lesbian. Tampax. Lincoln. On my back. Arlo and Janis. Quaker State. Tad’s Teat Dip. Spanish. EVOO. The Queen. Warren Zevon. The accidental brush of two hips in the night. Vickie’s Secret. Eight O’Clock Coffee. A hard cock without a man attached. Onions. On top of lox. On a bagel. Fingers. KFC on hangover days. Baseball. Mitch Hedberg. My ex-sister-in-law. Slim-G. Texas Bar-B-Que. French kissing after Margaritas. Astrochuchasmonetauggietitsmcgeeuberloserharpjohpowellmarinagailcalledsarankevbo

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