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Does slouching lead to... hunches when you're older?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) July 14th, 2008

I’ve heard rumours that slouching can leave a hunch on your back when you’re old, what do you think? Does slouching do anything in the long run?

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I think that if you do it a lot, it can lead to back problems, i.e. stiffness and aches and pains, but I doubt it’d actually give you a hump.
Best thing to do is to try and stop slouching as much. When ever you sit down at meals say, sit up straight and use the chair to help support you if you need too.
You won’t do yourself any favours by slouching.

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@tirithalui, I don’t slouch, lol. i just wanted to know if it was true or not, my friend slouches a lot though, haha, i joke around and call her a camel.

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No. Osteoporosis does

It is called a “dowager’s hump” and caused by loss of bone density.

After menopause women (and some men) need to exercise, take calcium, magnesium and vitamin D 3 supps, eat veggies with lots of calcium, often take osteoporosis medications, watch balance, and get a yearly bone density scan.

Slouching is unattractive. Everyone should stand tall and proud.

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Hehe sorry curiouscat :P
That camel comment made me laugh a lot! Perhaps a little overkill humpwise, call her Richard III instead! Although that could be a little more offensive. ;)

I used to slouch a lot when I was younger, my mum used to point it out all the effing time so I stopped slouching to shut her up and it’s a great habit to get yourself into! Makes you feel taller and you won’t get as many pesky aches and pains when you’re older.

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@Tri: are you a Brit? Many young people in the US would not have a clue about Richard III, but I thought that was a funny remark (only if not directed directy at someone.)

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Yeah I’m a Brit :)
I hail from deepest darkest Dorset.
It’s not that dark or deep, it’s quite nice really, I just thought the alliteration worked well :P

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@trithalui, lol. i’ve never heard of Richard III.
haha. but glad that camel thing made ya laugh. ;p

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Hehe. Well some bloke, William Something, wrote a half decent play about him that’s worth a look if you’re into humps and all that :P

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im afraid slouching does lead to back problems and a hump on your back just try to help your friend buy telling them when their back isn’t straight to straighten it, a camel thats pretty harsh don’t you think, and its good that you want to help your friend

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@curiousmonkey, no no, I don’t think it’s harsh! (coughcough) It’s only a joke, and that’s a way that’ll make her straighten her back up, haha, make her scared that she’ll get a hump. I’m helping her! :)

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o well its nice to help your friend what a good friend you are, and yeah i know someone who slouches a lot too i hope she doesn’t end up with a hump on her back.

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Guys, don’t give false medical info. Dowager’s hump has nothing to do with posture. Slouching is simply unattractive and leads to round-shoulders. Google Osteoporosis.(see my first answer.)

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Osteoporosis is the cause of dowager’s hump. It appears that the risk of developing osteopenia and osteoporosis can be reduced by exercise and consuming one to two alcoholics drinks per day.

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