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Can you use internet tethering with the iPhone 3G?

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) November 24th, 2009

I’m about to take a long car trip, and I thought it would be nice if internet tethering would work on an iPhone 3G on my MacBook Pro (Don’t worry, I won’t use it like this) Does it even work with what I have? Do I need to get anything extra like software or do I need to pay for something?

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Sorry, not available via AT&T.

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You definitely need to pay something extra, but it depends on your carrier whether this service is available or not.

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I have heard that there are apps out there which would enable this but you would have to jailbreak you phone. This voids the warranty.

Are you aware that, as an ATT acct user that you are entitled to free wifi at Starbucks and any McDonalds which offer wifi (a lot do, but some don’t, depends on franchise owner).

There are also apps in the regular app store which will locate Starbucks and McDonalds near any location where you are traveling.

However, you can’t just stroll in and expect any of the employees to get you connected. I haven’t done it in about a year, but it involved calling in and getting a text mssg back which gives you a code.

Call 800 MYIPHONE and persist until you get one of the Apple techs who have done this themselves who can walk you through it. Some of them are just as clueless as the McDs employees. Just get one who has actually done it.

This code can also be used to get your comp online as well ad your iPhone or even both.

I’d suggest a trial run before you leave on your trip. Also do not delete the txt mssg. The code needs to be renewed every 24 hrs, but the mssg also contains the original info for you to just click on to get a new code.

It’s a little involved and not well known, but hey, it’s FREE.

Good Luck.

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In McDonalds, I’ve always found open AT&T WiFi. I sign on with my AT&T DSL account. That’s using a PC. I have not tried it with an iPhone.

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Do you know if that would work with Starbucks as well?

Just curious.

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Only if you jailbreak. Here‘s step-by-step directions. I don’t recommend jailbreaking, though – makes the phone run reaaaally slowly, after a while.

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Jailbreaking is out of the question, since it’s actually my mother’s iPhone. I just wanted to help by being able to connect her laptop while we were in commute. We’re already halfway there, though, so no big deal.

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Well, if you stop at a Starbucks or McDs on a break, give it a shot.

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Jailbreak using blackra1n, Then download an app called pdaNet. Use that, it turns your iPhone into a modem that you can use (I use it with my MacBook when I’m taking a train ride, and the internet is faster than when I surf the web from my phone!

It’s really easy to do, just youtube “blackra1n mac install” and “how to use PDANet”

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