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ITunes and movies question...

Asked by TaoSan (7103points) March 7th, 2009

Since my whole house is “Apple’ed” I rip all my DVDs with Handbrake.

I was wondering if there is a way to add that little rating symbol and additional information like Producers, Screenwriters and Actors as it is found in m4v files purchased through the iTunes Store. I create regular AppleTV m4v files with Handbrake, but if I option-click a movie created in this manner, there is no “Get Information” option. Any ideas?

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Maybe try a different convertor?

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Get Info doesn’t show up in iTunes? Weird. Did you try the shortcut Control + i ? You should be able too…

I use Handbrake too, but find iSquint useful occasionally.

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Sorry my bad, “Get Info” works, it’s the “Show Description” thingy I need.

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When I rip music CDs into iTunes, it is only tagged with the information I provide – it doesn’t naturally recognize it. Is this also true of your movies?

The purchases made through iTunes, though, are accompanied by information that they license from AMG (, or, in this case). Perhaps they can only provide licensed metadata for things which were paid for through their service?

It is a guess. I am more familiar with the music aspect than the movie aspect.

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Found it!

I’m copying this in here in case someone will ever look for the solution too.

About the Description Tag(s):

All iTunes tracks contain two description tags. In AppleScript parlance, these are description and long description. However, depending on the kind of track, only one of these description tags will be displayed in iTunes.

• TV Show or Podcast – Each of these types of tracks uses the long description. By clicking the “i” glyph in the track’s Description column a new window will display the entire text from this tag.

• Audio Tracks and Others – These types of tracks use the plain description tag. These tags do not have a “i” glyph and only hold 255 characters. Text from this tag can only be displayed in iTunes in its entirety by making the Description column as wide as possible.

However, as mentioned above, all tracks are able to use the long description tag field.

This script will enable you to view and update the long description tag of any track. Additionally, when using the script’s “Update” option (described below), the entered text will be copied to both tags. Thus you can provide long descriptions (greater than 255 characters of text) to any track to both the description and long description tags. And although only 255 characters will be visible in the Description column, the script can display the entire text from the long description tag.

All credits to Doug!

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The app MetaX will add MPAA ratings tags.

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Ah! Thanks Dave! That’ll complete the whole thing!!

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