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How reliable is the Ford Escape Hybrid?

Asked by ss107345 (5points) November 23rd, 2006
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I am wondering this as well...
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If you are considering any hybrid because of environmental concerns, take into account the problems with the battery pack. First, nobody makes a battery that lasts forever. If you're planning on keeping this car for more than 5 years, you may end up having to replace the battery pack, which will be very, very expensive. Second, if the battery pack is damaged in an accident, you, your passengers and emergency responders have a potential of electrocution or exposure to acids or toxic chemicals. Third, nobody has made any proposals regarding disposal of the battery packs. As the need develops, legislation may be passed to label the battery packs as toxic waste, which it is. This would increase the cost and difficulty of disposing of or selling the car. You may have to pay a significant disposal fee. Environmentally, there are seriously toxic metals and acids in these battery packs. Leaching into groundwater, etc. are serious concerns no one is addressing. Everybody wants to feel green by using electric or hybrid cars, but in the long run they may be even more environmentally damaging than straight gasoline vehicles.

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