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Setting (menus-deep) keyboard shortcuts...

Asked by blastfamy (2159points) March 7th, 2009

I’m using Mac OS X…

I know how to set keyboard shortcuts in theory…
Where I get lost is how to set a keyboard shortcut for an item on a flyout menu)

For instance, the services menu under the [application] menu has a list of services, then under each service (group) there is a list of actions…

How would I assign a keyboard shortcut to one of those?
If not available in the std. Keyboard & Mouse Pref panel, is it available in some other context?

In reality, I’m trying to shortcut the copy as PDF item in Mathematica… (Edit>Copy As>PDF).

Any ideas?

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Modification to the question…

The Setting PDF as the shortcut item works…
But It works on the wrong instance of PDF (there’s more than one)

How do you specify between instances of the same menu item name?

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