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What nutritional supplements without a shadow of doubt provide you with their intended consequence?

Asked by Garebo (3173points) March 7th, 2009

Scientific literature and research may say one thing, but what really does work for you.
Personally, Biotin, Melatonin, Glutamine, Inositol, B-12, flax seed oil, Cautaba Bark, and fish oil have proven to me their efficacy.

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For me, biotin, gemnema sylvestre, echinaccea, red yeast rice, coQ10, American Ginseng.

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Is weed a “nutritional supplement?”

I’m being more sincere that I sound. From what has been posted so far, I think weed would qualify.

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I would swear by Melatonin any day.

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I think weed would have to fall into the herbal supplement category, if you eat alot of brownies than it may have some nutritional value. Its hard to say, because you definately get your mercury when smoking weed, and loads of carcinogens, 10x more than cigarettes, and its the only supplement I know that can makes your personality stop in time.

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B complex, D3, Chinese Red yeast rice, Co Q 10, omega 3, freshly ground flax seed, calcium/magnesium supplements.

In my case, I gave up glucosamine and echinacea.

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What ever happened to eating varied and healthy, and staying fit?

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Nothing, in addition to a good diet and exercise but supplements are just another component to a healthy lifestyle.

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It is unclear that modern factory-style farming produces food with the same nutritional content as it did back when eating a varied diet took pretty good care of us. To clear up what’s lacking nutritionally, some people supplement their diet. To clear up a malady, some people use them medicinally.

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Vitamin C

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B12 is an amazing thing.

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Definitely can pick you up.

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Since we are each unique and respond differently to many nutrients I look forward to seeing what everyone else shares.
I use several Chinese supplements for Anxiety and Sinus Health, and find COQ10, Iodine, Vit-D and melatonin work as they should. I also use ginseng and bee pollen in a ginger tea.

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