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It is all incompetence.
The real question is: Is it the incompetence of our leaders or the incompetence of the people that elect the leaders?

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Incompetence. Most likely, they were trying to get “ahead of the game” by working on an experimental avian influenza vaccine (in the event of a pandemic, they could be prepared in advance). In that context, someone f-ed up and allowed the inappropriate release of avian influenza genetic material/live virus. It indicates a problem with their biosafety-containment and QC processes, but I doubt a nefarious plot. Of course, you can feel free to try to piece together why a pharmaceutical company would attempt to deliberately release an avian flu virus in a vaccine that would easily and eventually be tracked back to them. Not the type of PR they would want in the short or long term.

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It always easy to do what Blackwater did.
Oh wait I mean Xe.

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