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What are some great "natural" skin care/beauty products?

Asked by essieness (7693points) March 9th, 2009

I like Aveeno, but I’m interested in finding some other sort of organic or bio-friendly brands as well. I will have to shop on eBay because there is only one place in my city that sells these types of products and the selection is very slim.

Please give me some suggestions for lotions, shampoos/conditioners, face care products, and so on.

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Burt’s Bees stuff is really good…it’s all natural, all organic, very bio-friendly; they make pretty much everything—hand/feet/body lotion, lip balms, eye cream, makeup, shampoo and conditioner, soaps and body washes—basically anything body-related. I’ve really only tried their lip balm, regular and tinted (which I LOVE because I hate wearing lipstick and this feels like regular lip balm but gives you lipstick color) but my mom uses pretty much everything they make and she loves it.

Edit: Here’s their website

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I make my own. I personally stopped using Aveeno, just because it’s owned by Johnson & Johnson, and I dislike that company and all the chemicals they put into their products.
Jason is a good natural brand.

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I can’t live without Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Lotion. It’s coconut scented and it’s awesome. Yum.

I love Burt’s Bees, too. My favorite lipstick of all time is their Pomegranate lipstick. It’s rich and matte and makes your lips tingle from the peppermint. Not sure that it’s available anymore, but you can probably find it on ebay.

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@juniper Mmm I love coconut! I will definitely search for that lotion!

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I also like Burt’s Bees. Right now I have the Thouroughly Therapudic hand cream which smell like beeswax and honey. There’s a salve in a small green tin that is good for minor scrapes, burns, bug bites.

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eat almonds, blueberries, salmon, yogurt, dark greens, carrots, beets. you have to refresh the skin from within, not topically.

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I have used a variety of natural skin products, from store brands Burt’s Bees and Aveeno to Arbonne (a bit expensive) and Atria (from Nutronix) which I liked, and even Melaleuca’s line from Nicole Miller (which dried out my skin). . My favorite is Shaklee’s Enfuselle line which is 100% organic natural plant and mineral based and really does work – clinical trials prove it…and it seems to work for me on my oily skin, to dry it out sufficiently but not too much, and leave the elasticity in. Hope that helps!

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Tallow from sheep

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Sheep fat it is amazing. Anti-aging cream. Forget wrinkles.

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Make at home exfoliater: 3 parts brown sugar to one part baby or olive oil. Mix just prior to using, and only mix enough to use at one time. Use on face and/or body. Leaves your skin smooth and moisturized.

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Don’t use olive oil or baby oil on your face though. It will clog your pores and make you break out. Coconut oil, jojoba oil..those are much better.

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@augustlan I’m SO trying that!

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You can try Moisturing Butter Cream from Baan Bodycare. However it is only available in Singapore and Hong Kong the last time i check. I have yet to try the rest of the products but i am thinking of giving it a shot once i finished my other products.

Baan is free of SLS and parabens by the way

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