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Could I get some opinions on my logo design?

Asked by Elumas (3167points) March 10th, 2009

I just started a band called “Above the Sky” and I’ve been working on making a logo design for a little while, it’s gone through a few iterations, but I like the current one which can be seen here

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Make the white “A” the “A” in “above”

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I totally agree. Eliminate the black A.

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It depends on what kind of band it is. Anyway, I say you should keep trying different variations until you are completely satisfied with the design and have no doubt that it looks good. To answer the question that does look like a pretty good logo but you should do as the others above have said and get rid of that second “A”.

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Yup, make the big upside down “v” the A. Make the “A’ look like it’s floating somehow. It seems a bit too solid and sturdy. I’d also put the blue puffly bit as background to the entire logo, and make the “the” white. But that’s just me, and I can’t draw. YMMV :)

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Ask yourself the tough questions:
– How will this reproduce at small sizes?
– How will this reproduce in one color (usually black)?
– Does its design communicate something special or unique beyond words?

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I’d try some different and more unique typefaces. That one is pretty dull and looks like you made it in Microsoft Word or something. There are plenty of free font sites out there that will give you a better selection, even if you want to stick with a plain sans-serif font, there are better choices available.

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Don’t listen to em. It looks nice. I’d drink that brand of bottled water any day. oh, it’s a band? hmm..

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I like the font too. Fonts are often too foofy and look strange. I like the simplicity. I do wonder as someone else mentioned how this would reproduce one color.

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I think you need to start again, the concept of clouds is good, but there is too much going on there. It seems more like a sentence than a logo, which is supposed to brand you succinctly. Hope that makes sense.

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it looks good for a praise and worship band, pop band (singing mostly love songs)
But i think it needs to be a bit aggressive for other kinds

Overall its good…........

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I think you need to find an symbol which will identify your band and the type of music you play. The name of the band is very important. On the other hand, the font is not, you can have different typeface or type treatment on each cover design.

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The band is mostly alternative, but with a softer touch. Think, Coldplay + The Fray = Above the Sky. The font is Helvetica Neau which is one of the best powerful simplistic fonts I’ve seen. In the case of black and white reproduction I think I would put the name above the cloud and have the cloud with the “A” static. The arrow draws gaze upwards to the name. and no colours overlap.

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