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WordPress VS Blogger?

Asked by bluedoggiant (648points) March 10th, 2009

What are your options?

I have downloaded the But I am looking for an option where I can get a template, and simply blog online on their site, I don’t want to use my domain. What are your opinions on which blogging platform?

Again, Wordpress.COM (DOT COM ONLY, NOT .org) VS blogger (from google)

One thing I don’t like about Wordpress is that you can’t customize and change the html elements of the page without paying anything.

I am quite torn between the two

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I like Blogger, but have used both.

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I really like blogger. I have a recipe collection that I maintain on there. Easy, easy, easy.

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I love them both, but lean toward Wordpress. I just love the UI.

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Wordpress FTW. Running it on your own server makes it the most powerful and flexible.

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I have to go with Wordpress.

Oh, and that one thing you don’t like (paying to customize HTML elements) – when you host it on your own domain you’re free to muck around with the source code for the themes. I know you are asking for .com not .org advice, but I figure it’s worthwhile to note anyways.

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Hmm anymore input?

I’m talking about a professional looking (finished look that is) blog.

I like blogger because its just so speedy and quick, and goes great with my Google account. Plus, even after I delete subdomains, I can regain them, unlike wordpress.

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I found Blogger to be really messy so I switched to Wordpress. I kind of miss the ability to edit HTML but in other ways it gives you more power. Also, I have the idea that it’s developed more quickly than Blogger is.

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“developed more quickly”

could you elaborate more on that?

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I mean new and bigger features are introduced more often, either tapping from the vast resources of Wordpress plugins available or just providing new Wordpress versions.

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Well, wordpress has plugins, Google has gadgets. Thats one point, bigger dev community. As well, Blogger you have full control over your page. Where you want your actual blog to show up is entirely up to you.

I have been using Blogger since the beginning of time. On and off, usually two weeks at a time every 6 months or so. But now I really want to get into blogging, and I’ve been seeing wordpress. I tried it out, but something just doesn’t feel right. So I am quite torn in the matter.

I guess it would be nice to note I use mac? lol

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Not sure if that matters for blog choice :P

But I’m not sure about those Gadgets. For example, recently installed a plugin I was really longing for which allowed commenters to subscribe to the comments so they got notified by email of replies. You can’t install them yourself though, which is a disadvantage.

I’m not saying Blogger is crap though, just that I experienced it as messy. The best way to go, I suppose, was to try both out.

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hmm, i see where you’re going with it. Are there any statistics as to which one has more users? Any VS reviews possibly?

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Wikipedia mentions over 4.5 million individual weblogs. An internet search will probably find you comparison reviews ;-)

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Yeah and all of them, are outdated.

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Then I don’t know of any either, sorry.

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And thats what fluther’s community can help me with :P

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i think that wordpress is much simply

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