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How do I get rid of the new, reflective Dock in Leopard?

Asked by fortune425 (58points) October 27th, 2007

I prefer the way the icons look on the old, 2D Dock.

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Open Terminal and type the following two commands:

defaults write no-glass -boolean YES
killall Dock

The Dock in Leopard will also revert to its old, 2D look if you move it to the left or right side.

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DockChanger 1.3.7 allows you to change the theme so you can get rid of the reflection or those stupid wavy lines if you want to mess around with the dock a bit more!

You can do this manually by editing the images in:
Macintosh HD>System>Library>CoreServices>Dock*>Contents>Resources>scurve.png

* You have to right click or Control-click and select ‘View Package Contents’ to see the contents of the Dock application.

You download heaps of images for the dock background at

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