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How does Time Machine store files?

Asked by Spargett (5395points) October 27th, 2007 from iPhone

If I have a video that is 1GB in size and then slighly edit that video, will time machine duplicated the entire video?

In all, now taking up 2GB of space?

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From what I’ve read, it appears that Time Machine does not do binary diffs or compress backed up files.

This has the advantage of giving you faster access to past versions of your files, but comes at the cost of taking up more hard drive space.

When you run out of space, Time Machine will “alert you that it will start deleting previous backups, oldest first.”

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Short answer is yes. Time Machine will take up 2 GBs of space. 1 on your active drive and 1 on the Time Machine backup. Should you edit that same file the next day and make changes you will end up with another 1GB file on the backup drive. Giving you the option to roll back to the first copy, or the second copy if you need to.

Buy a big external drive for Time Machine. You can get 500GBs for $150 these days. While it is a good chunk to drop on a back up drive, if you rely on your computer / files to get paid don’t even think twice about it.

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