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Have you ever bought picture frames online or what do you think is the best way to take care of your framing needs?

Asked by BONZO (387points) March 11th, 2009

i have about 10 pictures that i want framed but dont want to spend lots of money

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It has always been my opinion that buying a frame is like buying a dress. Even online simulations cannot beat taking the art or images to the store and ” trying them on”

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I am in complete agreement with @Dog (excluding the dress part, I don’t know about that). The other side of this however is the pictures you are framing. Are they typical 4×6s or are they irregular art type prints? If they are 4×6s or any other pharmacy developed photos you should be ok to buy something online as those sizes are so common.

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@drClaw they are irregular…. concert posters (like the longer skinny show bills)

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FYI if they are from the fillmore/warfield etc, you can get frames for them specifically at cheaps joes on geary..

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If they are irregular then you will definitely have to get them framed professionally. My wife and I collect old pinup prints/paintings and we have never been able to find off the shelf frames that work. We usually bite the bullet after a few months and pay out the nose for our local frame & crafts store to build the frames.

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might be cheap petes, or jerrys…not sure. on geary though.

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