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Where is the strangest place you found an something you had lost?

Asked by Dog (25051points) March 11th, 2009

Today’s post regarding lost keys made me think- where was the strangest place you found something you had misplaced or lost.

For me I was pet sitting a ferret. The silly creature would bound after me all over the house and get into little areas with ease. Suddenly I realized I had not seen the little weasel for a while and looked in all the obvious places. No Ferret.

After a while of calling out and trying to lure with bell toy I began to panic thinking maybe the ferret had gotten outside somehow or was stuck and in distress somewhere.

As I began to envision what I was going to tell the owner when she came for her beloved ferret I had one last desperate idea. I ran to the fridge to get a bit of ground beef. To my astonishment in the fridge EATING the ground beef was the ferret! The lightning fast creature must have made a “hail Mary” leap in when I opened it last!

So- what did you lose and where did you find it?

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I always find it strange when I lose something, and several hours later; finding it in the most obvious places possible but the only place I chose not to look, like I’m thinking “why would I leave it where it’s supposed to be”

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I’ll tell you when I find my keys!

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Outside my apartment building in NYC ONE week later.
I lost my heavy silver chain bracelet one night playing around the street on my way home. I found my bracelet was missing the next day. A week later when the snow starting to melt. I found it peeking out at the corner of my apartment building. Pure luck!

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My own hand. I remember a instance when I was little. I looked everywhere for this pair of scissors. 20 mins later I realized they were in my hand. Wow I felt dumb

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Hats. It’s amazing how often they turn up on my head. And glasses. Why on earth would glasses be on my face, of all places

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Strangely enough it was in the last place I looked.

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Once I came home to check my mail, and on my way back out, I found I had lost my keys. (I had been home maybe ten minutes) Completely flabbergasted, I turned the whole house upside down.. looked in my yard, in my car…
Hours later, having missed work and entertaining thoughts that I might be insane.. abducted by aliens, I went to get a glass of juice.
And fancy that, right in the fridge chilling next to the juice, were my car keys.
I still don’t know how it happened… but I MUST have put it there…

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I found my cat in the refrigerator once. He was eating the lunch meat. He figured out how to open the door himself, so from then on we had to bungi cord it shut.

One time I lost the Thanksgiving turkey that I had left to thaw in the sink. I found it in the front hall where refrigerator cat was trying to stuff it through the cat door. I cooked and served it anyway.

I lose my car keys so often that I have two sets, one of which is always left attached to my purse. However, more than once I have managed to either lose both sets of keys, lose my purse (which is as large as a Thanksgiving turkey), or lock all three items inside the truck.


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Found my pet crawdad in the fireplace once, or what was left of it, anyway.

To this day, I have no idea how it got there.

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Lets see… When we got married I gave my husband this really nice watch for our first anniversary. Well it disappeared a few months later. So TEN YEARS later we find the watch sitting on my vintage singer in a house we bought in another state and five different houses later. Yep it was just sitting on top of the sewing case. I wanna know how it could disappear and then reappear years later on a piece of furniture we didn’t even own in a totally different state and house! Because we never figured it out.

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i found my wallet in the freezer after a slight drinking “adventure”

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This wasn’t so much an item that I lost but an item that someone hid from me in an ill-recieved (by me) practical joke making me think I lost something.

When I was in the army, we had dormitories with 2 man rooms and one day, my roommate thought he’d be funny and hide my keyring. These were keys to my wall locker in the dorm room, my locker at the Military Police station where all my duty gear was stored, and several others that were important.

I’d been on duty the night before I searched frantically throughout the patrol car I rode in, the military police building, and all through my dorm room with no luck. It was probably 8 or 9 hours after they first went missing that my roommate walked over to the small refidgerator/freezer we had in our dorm room, opened the top, and showed me where the keys were in the back of the freezer area, covered with frost. It was the only place I didn’t bother looking the whole time I searched for them thinking there was no way they would be in there.

To this day, my roommate doesn’t know how close I was to unmercifully beating the living crap out of him. He’s damn lucky I didn’t have a short fuse.

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haha… soap in a pillow case would have been just deserts.

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@Kiev749. A wooden riot baton (this was part of my duty equipment) to his kneecaps would have been good also.

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@Bluefreedom Hahaha….agreed.

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Things get “lost” in the fridge so often in my house, that’s the first place I look now.

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Wow…great stories here :) Makes mine seem stupid! But I’ll tell it anyway. Last November I was evacuated from the Tea Fire in California….had just enough time to grab my two cats in their carriers, some cat food/litter, my instruments (I’m a musician), and my insurance paperwork. The fire was slowly approaching our area, and I MUST have run back into the house 3 or 4 times looking for this one pair of earrings my parents got me for my college graduation. These earring had SO much sentimental value, and I just couldn’t stand the thought of losing them in the fire. Well eventually I had to give up and find shelter elsewhere. A few hours later, I’m at my friend’s house with my mom on the phone, and I’d just found the courage to tell her that I wasn’t able to rescue the earrings, tears in my eyes, when BAM! I f-ing found them IN THE CAT CARRIER.

I put them there in case of a fire, KNOWING I’d have to put the cat in there! Gawd.

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The television’s remote control was in the freezer.

for some reason i like to hide things when i’m drunk

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I’m generally very tidy, so I know where things are, or at least where they could be. The last thing I lost was my mobile, which, if forgotten, should normally be by my bed. For some reason I’d packed it in my suitcase since I was going to travel yesterday and had forgotten about it. Took me ages to think about it.

But that’s as bad as it gets. I often forget where I’ve put things, but they always turn out to be somewhere logical, if I think about it (glasses in the bathroom because I took a shower, keys in some pocket of the jeans I wore last week, money in my jacket and so on).

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My father was given a gold fountain pen by the aviation minister of USSR in 1961. He in turn gave it to me when I first went to boarding school. I’d used it almost daily all throughout high school and college. My junior year in college, my then girlfriend, (then wife, now ex), & and I were horsing around in front of her dorm and it must have fallen out of my pocket. A few days later it snowed… It had fallen right off of the edge of a walkway (where everytime it would snow the grounds folks would showel it. There it lay all winter and part of spring, till the snows melted and there I found it where it lay all those fridged nights, (one early am while trying to sneak out of the girls dorm;)
It now never leaves my desk!

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@willbrawn : me too! I looked for this hairclip one time and was so pissed that I had lost it! I had just had it in my…wait…it’s still there…in my hand!

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I couldn’t find my phone anywhere, I looked ALL over the apartment. Someone thankfully called at the right time. My son had stuck it in the VCR. Who the hell would even look in a VCR?!

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My older brother lost his beloved high school class ring during a neighborhood baseball game in a vacant lot. We searched and searched and never found it. Then, about four years later, I was walking home through the neighborhood, cut through the lot, which now had a big hole in the center of it where some contractors were putting up a new house and saw something shiny on one of the piles of dirt. I bent down, picked it up, and discovered my brother’s lost class ring.

I was the hero for a brief time that day.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra: that tops my story!

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@evelyns_pet_zebra Don’t you ever wonder how no one else saw that ring? Just you?

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I lost my wallet when I was in 8th grade in a high school auditorium. But not my high school; it was an area high school where Honor Band would take place annually (I’m such a dork). Anyway, I guess it got lost between two padded seats in the balcony. I had a hunch it was at that school all year…sho’ ‘nuff, it was right where I left it…a YEAR later!

Granted I was a kid in 8th grade…so there wasn’t really anything to steal, other than a silly school ID and a “free french fry from McDonald’s” coupon :)

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I was at Disney-world back in the eighties and had to visit the restroom. When I went to urinate my stash fell out of my pants. I proceeded to ride the train all the way to the other side of the park when I noticed my bag was missing (no pun intended). Needless to say I hopped off the train and sprinted the thirty-four miles back to the john only to find some poor slob occupying the stall I had used. My heart sank but upon closer inspection spied my sack lying on the filthy floor between his penny loafers. Eureka I exclaimed and fell in line behind the fifteen other folk dancing toward the stall door. I must have been in Helen Keller land for not one of these umpires noticed the six ounce baggie of skunk as they lightened their load. To make a short story long I scooped up the devilish delight, fought my way to the sink and rinsed off my booty with one hand while twisting up a fat one with the other in the enchanted kingdom.

In memory of Hunter S. Thompson

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who carries six ounces of weed at a time on them?

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I gave a clue that the story was slightly embellished by dedicating it to Hunter S. Thompson. Read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and you will get it. Didn’t you notice the excessive humor in the style?

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i get it…try Three Can Keep A Secret If Two Of Them Are Dead

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Who wrote it?

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i found my keys in the hood of my sweatshirt.
a sweatshirt i had on.
that i had been wearing all day.
like when i was driving.
i have NO idea how the hell they ended up in there!

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I walked to a Shakespeare in the Park with some friends. We had wine/cheese/grapes during the show. The next morning, trying to leave for work, I could not find my keys, I went for my cell to call and see if keys were turned in, it was lost too. Being in a hurry I was going to hail a cab to work and look later ,then I noticed my wallet was missing as well. Three separate items all gone. For days I searched high and low…Just as I resolved they had vanished into thin air, I was cooking reaching for eggs when a bag in my fridge moved. My phone ,on vibrate from the show, revealed the bag with cheese and grapes leftover from the play and all my COLD items. What a dork. Who knew to look in the fridge? I do now as I assume you might too.

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The dictionary, where I learned about definite and indefinite articles, specifically the use of “a” before a word that begins with a consonant.

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I noticed the diamond had fallen out of my ring. It was a tiny thing, only worth a couple of hundred, but I couldn’t afford to replace it. When I took the clothes out of the laundry hamper, the diamond came flying out of thin air, probably dislodged from the shirt or pants it had landed in.

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I forget where…

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