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I found someone else's cell phone on the ground, where should I hand it in to?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3163points) July 11th, 2009

I was jogging outside near a lake, and i found somebody else’s cell phone, as i opened it, the battery died… so i can’t phone anyone to identify the phone, so who should i give it to?

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Take it to a store that sells that phone.

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see if your charger works with it, and see if you can contact the owner.

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As @augustlan says, take it to the nearest store that sells that type of phone, or take it to the nearest store representing that provider (my phones all have the AT&T logo on them, so presumably any AT&T store could track me down by my sim card).

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do what @eponymoushipster said
If not then try looking for someone with the charger that works and then contact them…

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Is there a listing in the address book for “Home” or “Mom” or something like that? When I found a cell phone I called “Mom.” She said her son had been looking for it all day and she’d pick it up in the evening.

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My charger doesn’t work with it, i tried. i already contacted someone that i knew that had the same phone, but unfortunately when we set up a time to meet up, she forgot to bring her charger.

@Allie, haha, well.. with a dead phone, i can’t really look in the contacts.

I’m actually not quite sure which store sells this phone, but i guess i’ll look around. Thanks all. :P

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@curiouscat Oh, boo, missed that part.

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I found a phone at my school once and was so worried about whoever lost it (I know I would be freaking OUT if I lost my phone, as I’m an hour from home when I’m at school). Anyway it was a blackberry and it was charged so I found the person’s email client and emailed them from my phone letting them know I was taking it to the school lost and found. When I got there she was already there, having gotten my email, and was so Happy! She said I’d restored her faith in humanity. :)

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Pop out the SIM card and find out which carrier logo is on it. Then hand it in at a store for that carrier.

Then make yourself a pancake.

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if you really want to get it back to them, buy a charger for it, they’re only like 9 bucks and you can usually get a used one.

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You could put the sim card into your own phone and see if the contacts are saved on the sim.

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Yeah, what shrubbery said will probably work (unless you find my phone which has all the contacts saved in the phone memory). Or find a charger, there’s bound to be someone you know with a similar model. I’ve never found a phone yet, but I did lose one (or rather it was stolen) and it had lots of important stuff in it.

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Call the carrier, they can track it by SIM number and IMEI number.

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you can buy a charger at best buy (if they sell it) and return it for no charge within 14 days. or maybe they’d have a display charger you can use.

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Knock door to door on every home in the US asking if they’ve lost that phone.

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@richardhenry, lol.. i live in canada. :P

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@curiouscat then it’s definitely possible. there’s only like, what, 2 million people in your country? ~

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@eponymoushipster I heard there was like 50 or 60. They’re all in the same family.

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@richardhenry – But some speak French, so that makes it complicated.

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I’m flying to Canada tomorrow, I’ll be there for two weeks. I can help in the search.

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oh lala je parle francais

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@richardhenry it’s like they started a country and no one showed up

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At least they don’t have to lock the doors…

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not in your pocket of course

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Try doing a little internet research. Try Google’s image search to see if the cell phones match up to any of the pictures. If so, then that’s your best bet as to who makes the phone which phone company carries it. Type in any identifying information that’s on the phone. Or just type in cell phone in Google image search. You may get lucky that way.

Then after you have that info, you can buy a charger for it and power it up to see their contacts.

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The first answer here is the correct procedure. They will charge the battery and locate the owner.

Good for you.

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