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Points with your card for travel?

Asked by oksana_bm (145points) March 12th, 2009

I don’t understand how that points work when you use you credit card. I have AMEX and want to buy a ticket for my mom. When I do that I’ll get some points. but I have no idea how much points it is going to be and what is value of it. For example, ticket for my mom costs $600(points ?) then in 6 months need to buy 2 tickets for $650 each(how much it is going to be with points from ticket for my mom ?).

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If you are talking about AMEX Membership rewards you are missing the point.
If your monthly bill for January is $600.00 and you pay the bill on time and you have paid the$40 or$45 annual fee for the privilege of joining the program you will have 600 points in your account. and this goes on month after month you will accumulate points.

if you want to buy a ticket through amex’s travel services you can pay for it with your accumulated points at a rate of about a penny a point or $600 ticket requires 60,000 points. if you use the card a lot this might make sense. I charge a lot of company expenses to my card and can accumulate points over time and my company has no restrictions on doing this so I have used points to pay for tickets or other items.

If you are charging a few hundred dollars per month to an amex card you will need several years in ordert to get a “free ” ticket . you have to read the rules and do the math


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thanks. I took a look at AMEX website and it says for $1 I spend I earn 1 point so it seems like I need to look for some others ideas. :(

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