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Why does my cat eat only the jelly from her cat food ?

Asked by blackcatkizzy (1points) October 29th, 2007
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that is horrifying.

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How old is your cat? Sometimes they just create their own weird habits. My parent have a pug-nosed persian that’s scared to death of his water bowl and will only drink from an eye dropper.

No. Joke.

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Jelly? What kind of cat food are you feeding him/her?

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Maybe there’s something going on with the teeth that makes it painful or unpleasant to chew.

If you want to see a cat go slightly feral, give it a raw chicken leg. If you have multiple cats, drop one leg in the middle and watch the fur fly!

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id say its like us eating part of something we like. for instance why do some people eat only the egg yolk from a fried egg or the white just? your cat mustn’t like the meat then id get it something else! the jelly alone probably not be the greatest for it if thats all its eaten. like us eating meat fat all the time. :) give the thing more biscuits than meat

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It’s probably the fatty part of the food (in gelatin) – same reason we eat fats.

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Preferable… Maybe that’s just the best part

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