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I forgot my password on and i tried to recover it by clicking the "forgot password?" link and it wants me to enter the last four digits of the last credit card I used but I didn't use a credit card I used a checking account. Please help.

Asked by wvmancrazy (4points) March 13th, 2009

Please help.

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Why don’t you just open an new account?

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That doesn’t sound right. You should be able to recover your information with a credit card number.

Instead, you should go to the Amazon home page, and then….
1. Click the Help link in the upper right corner
2. Click the yellow Contact Us button on the right side of the screen
3. Click the white Skip Sign-In button under the prompt for your password
4. Now you can choose whether you want to contact an Amazon rep by phone or email.

I’d talk/write to someone at Amazon directly for resolution. They’ll get you all set up, without having to create a new account (and lose all your wishlists, etc.)

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It is always better to talk to them by email though, because my experience is that email is manned by someone here in the US and the phone center is in India and they just go by a script. They really don’t know how to solve problems.

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I agree, email is better over at Amazon.

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