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Marijuana: Has anyone noticed lately that....?

Asked by rawpixels (2655points) March 13th, 2009

Has anyone noticed lately the number of shows debating whether or not Marijuana should be legalized? A couple of months ago, NatGeo had a program about it, CNBC recently had a show about it, Ron Paul was just on Larry King supporting legalization, 20/20 just did a story about a guy who got busted for supplying pot to cancer patients, and Sunday, Al Roker is doing a show on the big business of Marijuana.

Is it me, or is there a growing movement to legalize this gift from nature? With such a hideous economy, perhaps the time is right for thinking people to rise up and demand the legalization of weed.

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I dont see why its not legalized, Anyone can get it, Its not addicting and really isn’t harmful at all; Its being used for medical purposes as well. idk, I’m sure sooner then later It will be arranged…

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I still can’t believe people need weed so badly…

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I’ve noticed there are a lot of Fluther questions about it.

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It’d be smart for the government to legalize it. I doubt they will.

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My parents and I just watched that news special on CNBC you mentioned called Marijuana Inc. and actually talked about moving out to Northern California and buying land and growing some! Of course we were joking, but there’s seriously TONS of money to be made in the pot industry. There’s even a place called Oaksterdam University where you can learn how to grow, harvest and cook marijuana, as well as how to start your own dispensary in California.

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@NaturalMineralWater : Nobody “needs” it. Nobody needs it more than a few beers on the weekend, or a big piece of pie after dinner. And it’s not about getting the weed. Anyone can get it. It’s about not making criminals of people who choose to use it.

@casheroo : yeah, they could bank on it like they do everything else.

I kind of hope it doesn’t get legalized. That way it will remain unregulated by our retarded ass government.

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Of all the issues in the world today.. finding another way to legalize inebriation just isn’t at the top of my list..

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@Alliepotheads on the computer? pshaw…

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It might not be a big concern of yours, but it is to the people who are serving big time because they carried a freaking dime bag in their car. It’s not an issue for the majority of the US, and lovely democracy will make sure the minority knows it.

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I don’t even smoke pot, and I think it should be legal. Then again, I’m not a hooker and I also think prostitution should be legal.

I think there is a growing movement towards legalization, but it’ll be a while before it comes to fruition.

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@ubersiren You expect me to believe they didn’t know what would happen? A law is a law.. if you are going to break it… what do you expect?

Maybe wait until it is legal to start stuffing your glove compartment with it…?

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@Lothloriengaladriel: Read the response that Dr. C. gave to this question. It doesn’t necessarily negate what you are saying, but when you mentioned medical uses I thought of this answer.

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@augustlan A growing movement? Fruition? You may not smoke but you have the lingo down pat!

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I think you’re right. With the failing economy and the growing number of marijuana users coming forward, it is definitely becoming a hot topic. And I’m glad.

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Viva la revoluccciio…...!!! collapsing noise.

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Legalize it…don’t criticize it…just legalize it
Bob Marley…if he said so it must be true

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@NaturalMineralWater where do you get off being so pious?

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@emt333 To which definition of “pious” are you referring? Most don’t apply.

I’d call it more of a personal vendetta. Just the same as alcohol I’ve seen it ruin lives around me.. damn me for wanting a stop to that.

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well i guess i’m referring to the one that does apply… as for your vendetta, they crucified jesus too

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@emt333 You’re making no sense at all.

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There has been a substantial increase in the cannabis legalization dialog. Part of it is thanks to Obama’s rational and logical (compared to other politicians) position on drugs and his admittance to smoking weed in the past, as well as his commitment to not continuing with marijuana raids. Finally, it seems, people are starting to actually have a reasonable dialog about this issue instead of whining and crying about “the children” or “society” or whatever other bullshit they come up with to not talk about the issue at hand.

The simple fact is every government condones certain activities even if they are harmful to their members. Look at the abuse and dangers of alcohol, where thousands of people are killed each year including innocent ones mowed down by a drunk driver, wives and children of abusive alcoholics, even an alcoholic pickling their liver after years and years of abuse. How is it that the government can condone such behaviour, but it will not condone the use of cannabis, a substance that you cannot overdose on, a substance that will ultimately have far less of a social impact than alcohol does?

It’s simply illogical. It does not make sense. It also doesn’t make sense when you look back at the history of cannabis, and see that the entire world used it for various uses (medicinal, religious, for clothing, the seeds also can be pressed and give out oil) until the recent century where a wonderful campaign of racism, intimidation, and outright lies made it illegal.

Especially in today’s economic situation, there is no excuse to not fix the mistakes of the past. The amount of tax money gained, the thousands of people running out and buying growing equipment, reallocating police enforcement to things that actually matter, for starters.

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@NaturalMineralWater : My point is not to have sympathy for people who break the law. It’s to legalize the pot. You got a bit off topic. You say it’s not a concern of yours, but it is to millions of Americans. Then, you say it’s about not being supportive of people having yet another way to inebriate themselves. So suddenly this IS a concern of yours now? Opposite side of the issue, but you’re stating that you have concern surrounding the issue. You’ve seen people’s lives ruined by alcohol and you don’t want to see the same things happen with marijuana? Continuing the illegality of pot won’t make it disappear, it just increases the amount of tax payer money spent on enforcement of drug laws. If their lives have been ruined by anything it’s the laws about drug use, not the drug itself. Remove the laws, and all will be well.

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Legal or not it is up to the individual to decide whether or not they are going to use any mind-altering substance. It never ceases to amaze me how people need to try and control the lives of others. The first person I meet that has a truly perfect and problem free life is the first person I’m am going to allow to tell me how to live mine.

i haven’t met one yet

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@NaturalMineralWater what part of my response don’t you understand, that in reference to your question i am using a definition of “pious” which does apply within the context of my statement, or that jesus, much like the peaceful weed smokers in the world, was crucified by hypocritical backstabbers??? i know it doesn’t come easy to you religious folk, but try to keep up…

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@Blondesjon : I agree 100%. I don’t even smoke pot! But leave the people who do to their own decisions!

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smoke weeeed :D

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