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What are your remedies to fall asleep faster?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) March 14th, 2009

i spray some cologne on my pillow. How about you?

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work 14–16 hours/day… i go to sleep instantly

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Exercise, but don’t do it too late or you’ll be all wired. Also, if I go to bed too early, I can’t get sleep. Oh yeah and sex, that always works.

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Warm milk, listen to music on the headphones. Night, night.

yeah, and sex works well

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I agree with the sex, exercise, and warm milk from @Lightlyseared, @mrmonkey, and @cprevite and I’d like to add listening to music at a low volume and reading something or watching television until you get drowsy.

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Young children. After a full day keeping up with them, falling asleep is less about choice and more about involuntary reaction.

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Chamomile tea.
Mental exercise to imagine locking my cares in a trunk for the night.

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Melatonin, sex, having exercised that day. Also, stop using the computer or watching TV for an hour or two before bed and do something ‘slower,’ like read a book, so your brain isn’t in high gear when you hit the pillow. (It’s like landing a plane. You have to descend before you hit the ground.)

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Herbal tea.
Warm milk with a splash of honey and vanilla.
Anything really relaxing.
For me—a light amount of booze towards the end of the night will knock me out. Um, whether I want it to or not. A heavier amount and I’m awake/alert. But a light amount and whoosh. I do not recommend this for falling asleep though. It is not a healthy pattern to get into. Just an effect small amounts of booze has on me.
No video games for an hour before. I don’t find TV or the computer an issue so much as video games.
Snuggling with my boyfriend.
Brushing my hair. Or having it brushed, which is even better.

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The most boring book ever. Get some biology textbook (unless you’re interested in bio) and read it in bed. With me, reading almost any book in bed will knock me out within a few pages, and as long as I don’t move too much while putting the book down and turning off the light, I’m asleep in no time.

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@dynamicduo: Word. Red Badge of Courage. Asleep in 4.5 seconds.

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I drink tea, or read. I usually do homework while in bed, and I fall asleep while trying to finish it.

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-DO NOT look at the computer screen right before going to bed.
-Reading before turning out the light
-Certain relaxing music
-Exercise during the day, NOT right before bed or your endorphins will still be up and your heart still racing
-Advil PM or Benadryl
-If you want to go the more natural route, Melatonin or other natural sleep aids, which can be found at health food stores
-Sound machine

just some suggestions

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Get the room as dark as possible and if u need to, take 3mg of sublingual Melatonin. Never watch a stimulating movie before sleep like a war documentary or a show where animals are being chased by other animals for food.
Huh? The Benadryl has knocked me out.

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