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Is there a way to put a digital photo on a REAL magazine cover template?

Asked by Mr_M (7621points) March 14th, 2009

I’ve found websites that allow you to design fake magazine cover templates. I’m looking for templates of REAL magazines, ex., TIME, NEWSWEEK, PLAYBOY, etc. I want to put friends on the cover of TIME magazine, for instance.

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If you have a scanner and a photo editor, you have all you need. You would not be able to get something like this off the Web because of copyright infringement.

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That would be a horror. I cant imagine editing around each character printed on the page.

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You used to be able to do real magazines at But I guess they got sued or something because you can’t anymore.

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If you have access to the magazines it would be simple to clear the center of the page of certain issues with even a basic photo editing program. Pick a cover with no overlap from the center image onto the outer frame, that leaves the cover title and framing easy to separate from the image in the center. Select the center image, clear, and you’re ready to install whatever you want.

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