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Taliban.Still actively recruting in Pakistan,how long before they have an Army worthy of a real war and not just a mickymouse terrorist cell?

Asked by zerocarbon (173points) March 14th, 2009
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They don’t need a real Army. They use fear and they are winning.

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Awwhhh…I don’t think they’re winning. I don’t think they’ll ever have an army that big either.

I think we all live in this big fear bubble and need to realize that there are more people out there concerned with their own countries affairs, than trying to figure out how to destroy America. I mean, we’re just not that important anymore (especially since we’re part of the world economic disaster, and may I venture, probably the cause).

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That micky mouse terrorist cell is reclaiming a good portion of Afghanistan. I don’t know if there is any conventional army in the world that could go toe to toe with the united states military right now. But fortunately for them, they don’t have to in order to complete their objective.

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I think i would fight to reclaim what is rightfully mine!

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not if you and everyone you know is gonna have a bomb dropped on their head every time you openly confront the enemy. They are still fighting, just not in the way most people think of fighting.

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Guerilla warfare against foreign invaders wins a lot. That’s an army, all right. An army that’s winning.

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