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What should I think about when hosting a good tailgating party?

Asked by johizzle (11points) October 30th, 2007

I’m going to host a tailgating party at the Chargers next home game and need some advice on what to do to make it a hit!

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I would suggest cook everything in advance and put the bbq meat in a big pot with lid to keep it warm. Cooked corn on cob in another big pot. And garlic bread etc in another big pot. And if you put the big pot in a brown paper bag (it will keep it warmer)

The appetiezers, The taco 7— layered dip is a big hit.
From bottom to top of a round 1/2 tall casserole dish

Refried beans with a dash or two tabsco sauce mix, spread evenly
Then a tub of sour cream, spread evenly
then shredded chedder cheese
Black olives
chopped green onions

Dip with your favorite tortilla chips

And presto!

Have fun!

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