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Party time! Ron_C is in the house mansion!

Asked by augustlan (47745points) October 28th, 2011

Please join me in congratulating our newest 10k member, Ron_C! We’ve made accommodations for your elephant, sir. Ride on in!

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For once I’m on time – congrats!

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Dang! It was about time. I have been sitting around this place so long, I had to go for ice 5 times. I congratulated you when you got your 5k wing and now I am the 1st here in the mansion Wooo hoooo! Way to gooooooooo you!

Oops, second someone tripped me coming through the door with more ice.

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Congrats on the 10K! May your Sundays be spent practicing how to make babies. ;-)

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Congratulations! Party time!

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Hi, Ron_C. Nice to meet you. How did you accumulate 10K points without my having encountered you in the threads? Good going.

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Congratulations! Nice work, sir!

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10K Cheers! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
Welcome to the Mansion.

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Congratulations, Ron_C! Hope to see you in the mansion someday!

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Congo Rats! White Russians, Pancakes, and Guacamole, and now you here make the party perfect!

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Congrats. Really enjoy your contributions here.

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Congratumacationalism @Ron_C !!

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Congratulations, Ron_C! You are a sneaky cheeker, or a cheeky sneaker . . as I’ve not seen you around. Next round of drinks is on me!

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Cheers to a faithful flutherer! One of the solid members that’s stuck around for awhile!
Party hardy! :-)

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Congrats! :)

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Congratulations, Ronny. I like your Fluther skills.

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Mazel tov @Ron_C !

You are a loving son and an astute political analyst. Good work!

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Congratulations, Ron!

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To one of my fave jellies who had funny drunk experiences falling off a bike, I’ll now come riding to this party all buzzed on a bike and with a balloon waving tipsy elephant sitting behind me!


( ^_^ )

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Welcome, Ron! You can stable the elephant with the horses – I checked, there’s room.

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ConGoRats on you 10K Day!

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Yippie Skippie!!!!

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Congrats Ron!!!

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Congratulations on reaching 10k Ron!

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Congrats, Ron! :-)

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Congratulations!! Welcome to the mansion!!

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Congratulations on your big feat!

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Late to the party but go on my son!

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Congratulations Ron!

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Thank you all, drinks are on Me!

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I gave you all a G.A. I wish I hat time to answer you all individually but some of us have to work. I have to finish up a project and catch a plane tonight so will probably be off-line for at least the next three days (two for the flight Malaysia to Pennsylvania, U.S.) and another day to sleep.

Thanks again and I am sure that I will be around enough to intract with those of you I have just met.

Ron (the elephant’s not mine, I just borrowed it)

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Congratulations Ron C well deserved!!!!

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Congrats on the 10 Grand @Ron_C…I have enjoyed your comments and answers. Always a class act sir!

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@Ron_C Way to go. You engineered yourself a great wing in the mansion. Much deserved.

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yyyaay!! good for you !

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I have extra lurve for the jellies who don’t fit the jelly mold. You are one unique jelly. Congrats! =)

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What? Only 8 lurve? There is an open bar, how much more booze do we need to bring up the guest list and the lurve?

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Hi Ron, I may be a day late but not one heart short in bidding you congratulations on your new distinction! How lurvely!

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Congratulations Ron! Lovely to see you hit 10k. Well done!

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Congratulations, Ron. Your input is always interesting!

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I am surprised and pleased to hear from some my favorite people. I appreciate all of you and hope to continue here for a long time.

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