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Would any body else like to be notified if you are mentioned in a thread?

Asked by Sueanne_Tremendous (11290points) March 15th, 2009

It would be nice to get a notification if someone responds to a comment you made. Otherwise you have to try to keep track of all of the threads you posted on to see if you have gotten any comments that you might want to reply to. Maybe the @ symbol before your name could direct the comment to your pm?

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i look at all the threads i’ve commented on anyway..but i kinda see your point :-)

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I would get too many, I’d cry. But maybe a separate pages that lists whenever your username is mentioned by others would be nice, in passing or in reply. Just not to PM, separate.

You should e-mail them about it. :)

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I’ve thought about that too. I think it’s a good idea.

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I agree it would make life a lot easier. Sometimes I forget where I posted then I find it again and I realize I didn’t answer a question posed to me and I just feel rude!

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I don’t think I’m ever mentioned in any threads that I haven’t already commented in (and am therefore following). But on the odd chance that it were to happen, Yes, that would be nice.

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Any thread I’m following, I always revisit when a new comment is made so I’d see those. I’d like to be notified if my name was mentioned in threads I’m not following, though. That might be a little difficult…

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I only ever stop following threads that I am sure I have no future interest in whatsoever or technical questions that have been answered thoroughly and I will not need for future reference or updates.

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Yeah. Every once in a while I get an IM from a flutherer telling me to check out some thread where I’m being discussed. It would be nice to know when this happens.

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On a thread I’m not involved with? Well, yeah…I’d like to know.

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I would. But I usually don’t get mentioned unless someone is responding to something I said.

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