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What's the best time you ever had while you were "under the influence"?

Asked by Blondesjon (33979points) March 15th, 2009

Everyone always talks about the horrible effects of drugs and alcohol. We adults know that not all the times were bad. So, with that said, let’s hear it. Alcohol, pot, acid, coke, ecstasy, cough medicine, or all of the above, what was the most fun you ever had when you weren’t you?

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When I fluthered.

Also, swimming in a public fountain with about 20 other people. It was not a large fountain. It looked pornographic.

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When I was 21-ish, my best friend and I (the one with the matching tattoo) went to a little Mardi Gras celebration in a very small town near where I live. This town is known for it’s Mardi Gras parties. Anyway, we got hammered, bought some ridiculous beaded hats, and found ourselves dancing in an alley to a band playing “Sweet Home Alabama” and trying to get the cops on security to dance with us. In the middle of the song, my friend stopped, grabbed both of my hands, and said, “This is what being young is ALL ABOUT!” It was so classic and I’ll never forget that night.

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The first time I got high on pot was amazing. It was towards the end of my freshman year in college, and I was with my boyfriend at the time and his friend, just the three of us. I felt very safe, which was nice. They were blasting DMB, and it honestly felt like my ears were having orgasms…they felt all liquidy and warm inside, and shivers were going down my neck…it was the best feeling ever, haha.

Oh, and getting frisky with a cute boy last night while under the influence of 1800 was pretty nice too :)

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Wasted river rafting with a bunch of friends was pretty amazing.

Disneyland on pot ranks high.

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The time I smoked a bowl or two before school and got pissed at my teacher for saying something… Well any how then I got up and started
Yelling about that then some how got on vampires and ended throwing my shoe at the door… Very fun especialy cause I thought I was at home not school and had to have this all explained
To me… Best part though I talked
Out of it by saying I had a cold and was sleep depeived :)

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I was just going to ask this!

Definitely MDMA. Ecstasy. So many good times, I cannot even tell you.
Dancing, kissing, stretching, hugging, hoola-hooping, jumping, skipping, twirling, swinging, showering, drinking water, talking, massaging, cuddling, lying in wet grass…
It all feels wonderful.

I’ve had some fun drunken nights dancing.

My acid trip was pretty life-changing, too. We watched the sun set a trillion colors and at dusk the sky buzzed with rocketships and there were millions of shooting stars. The grass twirled in circles and Ani DiFranco danced right out of the poster for me! Giggling and giggling…
Stayed up all night long talking seeing snakes in the trees.

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I can’t remember it, but I’ve heard it was a good time.

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I was hanging out with some guys I met in Vienna, riding the metro back to the hostel from a club. There was a reporter on the train and I got interviewed. Sort of. I don’t speak any German, so I just kinda babbled in drunkspeak while the reporter, cameraman and the rest of the good people on the train stared on in disgust.

The only people enjoying my scene were some Croatian guys I was hanging out with. I wish I could somehow track down this footage. I’ve always hoped I wasnt on live tv that night.

Very good times though….

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Being able to make out with your best friend with your boyfriends watching, to make out with your best friend’s boyfriend with her watching, to watch your boyfriend and your best friend’s boyfriend make out, to watch your boyfriend make out with your best friend, and have your best friend watch you make out with her boyfriend…just because you all really love each other is a truly amazing experience.

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Being drunk on the beach in the middle of the night and singing Christmas carols in perfect harmony. I just almost wrote Christmas carlos.

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When my friends and I did ecstasy we went to a Pink Floyd laser light show, which was extremely awesome, to say the least. After that we were all just hanging out, immensely enjoying life and loving everything.

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I may or may not have done mushrooms at a friends cottage, and I may or may not have started an auction and auctioned off everything in said cottage.
The auction got pretty intense, bids on trees were getting pretty high, no pun intended, this was when I realized that no one had any money to bid and that I just may or may not have been really, REALLY high.
It was all so real…. :)

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The other night I was just about as high as I had ever been, and my friend had me believing that his yo-yo was coming for me. He had me pinned on the bed for a good half hour, about of both the terror of the yo-yo, and the hilarity of my reflecting upon how I must have looked. It was a very confusing night.

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some more visual examples of fun on drugs !

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I’ve been drunk 2–3 times and all were ugly (even though it’s fun to feel a little dizzy sometimes).

tried hash twice, the first time it didn’t do anything at all, the second it got me slightly dizzy (after combining it with alcohol and trying really hard to feel something). I ended up having sex that night so I guess that was a good time. Though I’m sure that would have happened without the joint anyway. I think I’m just immune to drugs or something.

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@essieness you should see all the ridiculous (and some beautiful) drug pictures my friends and I have compiled over the years.

Those are pretty funny, though huh?

It’s actually funny that I those were the first three I came up with because they are from 3 very different experiences, on very different drugs, and very different times in my life

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LSD-25 clinical acid – May 1968 – convertible red Corvette with a great guy driving me to Atlanta. I don’t remember his name, but we had a GREAT time!!! Best trip ever!

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@Blondesjon Look what your daughter did above. She’s a sneaky little thing. She blamed it on the cat last time. Sorry!

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I went to Times Square tripping balls. For about ten minutes, it was AMAZING. For the thirty or so minutes afterwards, it was terrifying.

I once had sex in an outdoor gazebo after smoking and drinking for a good 11 or so hours. It was amaaaaazing.

My friend and I once wrote an email to Noodles and Company telling them that it was urgent that they build a Noodles & Co in the New York area immediately.

I’ve had some great conversations too, especially at work.

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Wow, Times Square on drugs…I cannot even imagine. It was intense enough sober!

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Do not do this:
I drank a six pack, took two ambien, grabbed my passport, and hopped in my new car, after deciding that I was going to go to mexico. I got pulled over in a town 30 miles west because I was missing a headlight, and after trying to give him my passport instead of my driver’s license the cop told me to throw my empty booze bottles out and be on my way.

Decided to go south, drove smack in the middle of a highway when a deer hit me. Yes, the damn thing ran into me. Still truckin, I decided I should go home, when I bumped into a truck (I dont think it had any damage done to it). my car was uber damaged, but now i have a story to tell and it was fun as shit.

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^You’re broken.


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@timeand_distance how the fuck did you do all of that (especially talk to a cop) drunk and on Ambien??? I wouldn’t even be able to start the damn car…

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@aviona honestly, im not sure. maybe it has something to do with being an 18 year old, innocent-looking female?


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Um….meet some strangers at Red Lobster, ended up having dinner with them…and shut place down! Never shut down a Red Lobster since!

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Oh Boy. (Rolls up sleeves). Ahem, does coke and scotch together constitute as under the influence?

Lemme know and I’ll fess up a little ditty. If you’re innerested.


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@Zen DIET coke and…not scotch. Rum. See. It’ll make you close down Red Lobster!

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I thought you meant coke as in blow. Not soda…haha.

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@aviona Coke, blow, the white stuff, the “Real Thing”- Coke is. All euphemism’s (zmzmzm) for whatever you want it to be.

Me? I need a coca cola about now, thanks.

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I went and hung out with a bunch of friends at my cousin’s cabin for a weekend. We all sat around that night and played charades while eating a watermelon filled with vodka. We ended up eating the whole thing xD Half way through our game one of the guys got the bright idea to run into my cousin’s room (where he was currently “gettin it on” with his gf) and jump onto both of them shouting “COCK BLOCK!!!” We didn’t remember it till the next morning but we got it on tape. It was hilarious! (also the first time I ever got drunk)

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Maybe hiking this trail and ending up here. Being scared shitless for a lot of it. Getting ourselves into a bit of a pickle at times. But making it back down to the cave and waterfall safely.
Amazing trip in New Mexico.

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Tripping LSD at Disneyworld:

Finally we’re rapming up to our peak. Haunted Mansion here we come! Flying, shivering, having the time of my life. Shuffling into the rides cowl like chairs. Settled in, here we go.

Suddenly wiry usher leaps from behind us, eyes wild he says “HAVE A NICE…. TRIP!!”

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Team car tag while stoned:

Roaming the playing field (an entire suburb large) jamming to tunes, telling stupid stories, scanning the roads for opponents.

Mellowing some in a tree lined section with winding streets. Suddenly, another team charging us directly ahead! Our driver slams the selector in reverse. Lockout mechanism screaming, the car slows. We laugh at the prospect of a head on collision….

After a THC generated eternity the Datsun comes to a stop. Reverse furiously engages. Straight cut gears whine as the battered hatchback’s stern rears up.

Carrering through the night backwards up the winding roads. We howl with laughter as the ’it’ car nears. Brakes fading, steam from the radiator making shafts in our headlights.

The tach bounces off the rev limiter. Our hunters close, SLAM! They veer to our right and pass us, their taillights fade under the oak and moss canopy.

We creak to a stop, resting in a ditch. Our team convulses with laughter. Coolant stews on the manifold. The motor’s revs pulse. We shake it off and square ourselves for the next round…

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I once dropped twelve tabs and got locked in a wooden athletic equipment box, with pringles and water, for over fifty-some-odd hours All alone in the dark tripping mad balls. But it was fantastic. I chased my true love(an individual who may be beyond gender or any sense of self who speaks to me in light and pure euphoria, who also made an entrance in every flashback or hard trip I’ve gone on) across the stars.

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