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How can you get chipmunks out of your roof?

Asked by earthangel (66points) March 15th, 2009

i live in the country and there are alot of chipmunks in the little woods behind my .
they are chewing there way in to the house.

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Make them form a band.
They’ll tour the world!

No, but really.

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omg srsly? Send me one! Pm me for addy! Thanks

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i know thats right.
but really i am for real.

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How about a BB or Pellet gun?

I’ll await my visit from PETA now.

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Set your house on fire.

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live trap them and then drown em in a barrel of water. It is a really quick way to kill them. Don’t think you can release them a few miles away from your house because they’ll either come back or do the same thing to someone else. They are rodents, aren’t endangered, and killing a few chipmunks isn’t the end of the world, at least not for the entire species. Don’t anthropomorphize them; they aren’t people, they are rodents.

that probably sounds really harsh, but when the little buggers chew through your wires and burn your house down, you’ll wish you had drowned the little rats.

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Then who is that on my Christmas albums? Next your going to tell me that Mickey can’t talk..

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@SeventhSense I won’t dissuade you of your fantasies concerning cartoon members of the Rodentia family and their ability to speak and/or sing. But I am quite sure the ones in her roof aren’t as entertaining.

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Thanks for not dissuading anyone. I quite like my fantasies.

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Getting back to the question, rodents can be and are a huge problem if you live in a rural area. Here we catch them with various-sized Havaharts and then deal with them in various ways, depending on our degree of squeamishness. One of my friends throws them in her creek.

I can’t bring myself to kill them so I drive them far, far away, near the local parkway. If chipmunks, mice, voles, rats etc are living in your attic, you would not be roflyao.

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Chipmunks and red squirrels can be a real problem since they are destructive, unsanitary, and reproduce quickly. They are doing damage to your property and won’t stop until you seriously fight back. This is “War”! Got it? (all PETA people look away please…)
You have to go at it hard for 30 days to wipe out the whole colony. Hav-a-Harts are useless. One trap is not enough for a colony and they come back if you relocate less than 2000 feet away. You have to relocate the rodents to a higher plain.
I assume you have access to the attic.
1) Buy 10 Victor (made in USA) rat traps. Open the packages and let the traps sit outside for a day to air out. Then store them for a day inside a bag of bird seed. Yes, you are giving the ‘munks a 2 day holiday. They will spend fornicating and chewing on your wiring and peeing on your ceiling. It is worth the wait! You will get madder and more resolved and the traps will become more desireable.
Bait all 10 with a few oiled sunflower seeds and peanuts and spread them around. Check them daily, collect the victims and feed them to the hawks and coyotes.
2) Away from the traps put out trays of warfarin bait. d-Con Rat poison is good. It will take 4 days to do the job but you will not know where they have “relocated” until you smell it. Tthis method is easier on the nerves but harder on the nose.
3) You can also use 3% Zinc Phosphide doped cracked corn but that might not be legal in your state. ZnP is a very quick acting CNS poison that will drop Simon, Theodore, and Alvin right in their tracks. You must bury the victims so Wiley does not eat them and get sick.
Don’t waste your time with those ultrasonic money wasters. They don’t work. You have a serious problem that will not go away until you do something. If any bleeding heart bothers you about taking action, thank them for their advice and ask when they will come over and help you. That will stop them in their tracks.
Good Luck.

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Almost forgot. After you’ve cleaned out your house you’ll want to secure the perimeter to reduce the threat. Since you live in the country might have a bolt action, pump or lever action .22 around. Remington came out with some new ammo called CBee22. It comes in long rifle, with plated, scored, hollow points with sub-sonic muzzle velocities so it doesn’t go far nor disturb the neighbors.

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thank you for your answers,all i need is a darn fire they are getting worse you can hear them in the ceiling and the walls at night especially.
attics creep me out,they have gotten in my house and chewed there way in ,my cat corners them and we release them.
and too the fantisy child here ,where do you live? i have a few pets for you——free lol

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You really should not be releasing them. Honestly, they come right back. My neighbor, a kindhearted soul, trapped mice and released them in the neighboring park. Eventually, he marked them with nail polish and discovered it took 3 days for the mouse to return to the same room on the third floor of his house from 1/4 mile away. One mouse made it back in 24 hours. He named it “Boomer” – short for “boomerang”. I volunteered to release Boomer into a different dimension but he declined.

If the chipmunks are coming in at ground level I have a couple of different suggestions. Go to the farm store and buy these two items:
1) Sweeney’s Poison Peanuts (might not be legal in your state). It contains 2% ZnP . It must be poured into the hole so that no above ground animal can reach it. Buy 12 ounces .
2) Revenge Gopher Gassers (get 2 packs of 4) – make sure to get the fuses. Light the fuse, shove it in the hole, cover with a rock, and… “Fire in the hole!”. Let the smoke do the work.
First, use the ZnP. Make sure to use the entire 12 ounces. Wait two days.
Follow that up with the Gopher Gassers. Have a friend or two help you with those. You want to simultaneously hit as many holes as possible so they don’t escape.
Remember, from my previous post, Victor Rat traps, sunflower seeds and peanuts are still the best solution.
I live in Western NY – and don’t need any more pets thank you very much.

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We drive our rodents, in their little Havaharts, at least five miles away. There are huge tracts of forests, fields and woods. I let my cat deal with the mice. I would never use poison, I would never fertilize my grass, or add anything that can injure the domestic animals or taint the water table.

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I consider poison a last resort in the “War”. I agree with you “trapping” is best. Where we differ is what we do after the trapping. I happen to live next to a wildlife preserve where people drop off all sorts of critters, blessing “Run free, Little one! Go in Peace”, while they upend their HavaHart 1040’s in my direction. Those same critters immediately start looking for a place to nest. They end up looking at my house for food and warmth – just as they did yours.
Maybe your forest is vast enough and there are enough predators to control the population so relocation is not a nuisance. But even the forest can only handle a limited number of suburban rodents.
If I had critters chewing their way through walls and running in my ceiling and walls I’d use poison before I set the house on fire. We have well water here and only with trapping and “CBee22“ing can I avoid poison.
PS. Magically there is always a boom in the bunny population after Easter. Cute but those same bunnies eat my garden.

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Yes to vast tracts of land preserves, well water and septic system. We have coyotes, foxes, an occasional bear or bobcat, unverified sightings of mountain lions (I once saw a limping Serval cat cross a lane) and many hungry and predatory raptors. (Use Google Earth to bring up Columbia County, NY and look that the ration between buildings and empty land. This was traditionally a dairy farming count and they were huge farms.)

I had mice live and nest and be fruitful and multiply under the hood of my Subaru Forester, which is garaged during winter. An expensive repair job, and I still have sunflower seed husks fly out of the pipes when I turn on the heat in the car.

I no longer feed the birds due to the temptations of the birdseed. Where in the western part of the state do you live?

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I’ll bet the Forester repair was painful. One of our neighbors had mice chew through the wiring on their electric stove causing a dangerous short.
I know Columbia County. You have the space. A lifetime ago I lived in Wynantskill. Now I live in NW Monroe.
I still like to feed the birds – a guilty pleasure- since they are so spectacular in this area near the lake.

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I would love to feed the birds still, but there is a lot of action (and nesting) here due to mixed habitat (20 acres) of old field, forest, woodlands, creek, brushy areas, hedge rows, gourmet bugs, ticks and worms, wild milkweed and thistle and wild bee balm.

Your area looks lovely; I envy you the lake. And southern Rensselaer County is just like chez moi. I heard the first peeper last evening and saw the Redwings settling in among the cattails in my rather slimy pond. Every summer the Great Blue Heron takes up residence and fishes in the shallows.

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we have many birds here also and i would like to put out a feeder.
i also wanted a garden but thats out of the question i quess.

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You can have a garden if you get busy on this project now. It won’t go away by itself. Like a sinus infection the longer you wait, the longer it will take. I’ve given you the prescription, now you need to swallow the medicine. Good luck.

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@Lupin and earthangel, regular squirrels are a harder critter to get rid of, because they are not likely to eat anything poisonous. To keep them out of your bird feeder is easy, simply mix chili powder with your bird seed, about a quarter cup per pound of seed. The squirrels will avoid it, and the birds can’t taste it. As an added bonus, the chili pepper has plenty of Vitamin A, which helps give the bird’s a healthier plumage.

Many books suggest providing a separate feeder for the squirrels, but with a small yard, the greedy little rodents simply eat all their food, and then attack the bird feeders. Squirrels can jump six feet in just about any direction, from either a vertical or horizontal surface.

I’ve been battling squirrels (grey and black, and the occasional red, or fox) for years. Rat traps are the best deterrent. Some of the squirrels around here get big, so I nail the rat traps to a short piece of 2×10 lumber.

@earthangel, I had to enclose my garden under a framework of wood and chickenwire to keep the squirrels out of it. It’s a lot of work, but it kept them away from my tomato plants. Poison packs inside usually took care of any creatures small enough to crawl thru the chickenwire.

You can beat the rodents, you just have to outwit them.

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thank you for all your answers,it really did help.
i wondered why my uptairs always smelled of urine.
it was all just remodeled too.
it was a old house i refurbished.
now to get started on the rodent problem .

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heehee, gail said vast tracts of land.

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How can you get chipmunks out of your roof? Is that a euphemism?

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ok, here is my problem and I need advice. I have chipmunks in my attic. I can hear them as I type this. I got a havaheart trap and it works great. I have shown several chipmunks a close up of my pond out back. I have taken down about 7 or 8 now. They will not stop…its like there is an endless supply. so, do I plug up the hole I think they are using? I hear I shouldn’t if they die up there they will stink…or chew another hole to get out. and for what its worth I do not have access to the part of the attic where they are at, so I can’t put moth balls etc up there. they are between the 2×4’s between the roof and the ceiling drywall. poison isn’t going to work ether because my tenant on the 1st floor has a dog and might eat a dead chipmunk. HELP!! I think I’m out of options.

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@raging56 When you say “shown several…a close up of my pond” can I assuming you mean “permanently”. If “yes” then I would recommend the purchase of at least 6 Victor Rat traps I would go wifh a dozen . It will be $50 well spent.
One HavAHart is too slow. Chipmunks breed and reproduce quickly. You’‘ll never keep up with their replacement rate. You have to hit them hard and fast. See my earlier posts above.
Plugging the hole will not work. Warfarin type rat poison (the green stuff) will be ok even for the dog eats them. The problem is you don’t know where they will die.
Victor rat traps look like mouse traps and finish them on the spot.

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They may be in attic, etc. but they are land based. I use chipmunk swimming pools and they work great. Easy. 5 gal bucket half full of water. A handful of oil (black) sunflower seeds spread on top of water. A short board across on side of bucket top with a few seeds. A few seeds around bucket to attract the rodents. Place all this where you see them running….. they have established routes. Sometimes I get two in the same bucket in one day.

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Set a rat trap and try to clean your roof from time to time. Perhaps the chipmunks are there to find foods and ypu shouldn’t give them reason to keep coming back on your roof.

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