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Favorite tv show that doesn't show anymore?

Asked by dollfacee (143points) March 16th, 2009

mine is boy meets world. i love it and i hate that they never show it anymoree.

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Firefly, and Buffy. Gonna throw X-Men cartoon out there too.

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I assume you mean doesn’t.


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yess, i fixed it thank you.

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pushing daisies and wonderfalls. both ended WAY too soon.

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@dollfacee boy meets world was awesome!

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i also loved october road, anyone watch that?

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Pushing Daisies

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Captian Planet!

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Firefly and Arrested Development

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Haha, everything @willbrawn said.

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Mr. Show.

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Boston Legal, Picket Fences, Chicago Hope

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The Phil Silvers Show.

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Oh my God Arrested Development I completely forgot even though I watched it last night.
...I’ve made a HUGE mistake…

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The Kenan and Kel Show

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Does Kyle XY count? The last episode ever is tonight. D:

If not, there was a kid’s show I LOVED, called Rollie Pollie Ollie. I miss it. ;)

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i loved rollie pollie ollie!

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I miss Boston Legal.

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i’m also with @willbrawn on Buffy and Firefly. I also really miss Doug, Boy Meets World and The Secret World of Alex Mack from when I was a kid.

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I loved Doug. We saw the real-people play in Disney World, like 8 freaking years ago, and I miss that show, so I bought two episodes for my iPod from iTunes.

Another great one was “Hey Arnold”

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The X-Files

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alright, if we’re all gonna (rightfully) pine over boy meets world and the secret world of alex mack, then i’m gonna throw these two in the mix:

parker lewis can’t loose
herman’s head

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Gilmore Girls !! I miss that pair

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Boy Meets World was a cool show. :)

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i watch gilmore girls just about every day..

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@May2689 Gilmore Girls still shows everyday on Abc Family at 5 PM I think, they just don’t make new episodes. You can still watch reruns though. I do. :)—

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@mangeons I missed it when I was in disney world. I’m 23…i’m still bitter about it!!
@May2689 agreed! I love Gilmore Girls!

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Ha. I don’t really remember a thing.

I can’t believe Kyle’s leaving at 9:00. ;-;

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#1. Buffy and #1.5. Mystery Science Theater 3000.

@willbrawn: Holla!

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The X-Files (although i would have been happy if it had ended around season 7)
Quantum Leap
Buffy (although when you look back at it, it was incredibly depressing on occasion)
Twin Peaks
Red Dwarf (mainly seasons 3–5)

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I love that the Collective is chock full of sci-fi/fantasy type geeks and whedonaholics! It makes me feel all warm inside to know that my general geekdom is appreciated somewhere!

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I’ve got to go… Kyle is leaving now… For good! :(

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Northern Exposure and X-Files

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Six Feet Under, Oz, Sex & the City, Dead Like Me, Futurama.

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Allie McBeal, Hill Street Blues

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I agree with everyone on Firefly. Also, I miss Journeyman. Those were two great shows that died before their time. At least Josh Whedon was able to give us Serenity to tie things up. Still, it seemed a little rushed.

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I miss Boston Legal already as well.

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FIREFLY FIREFLY FIREFLY. No power in the verse can stop it. I also miss the Gilmore Girls, the Red Green Show and Corner Gas (if it still plays I can’t seem to find it on TV anymore).

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Oh, and let’s not forget Cavemen and Carpoolers.

Gone, but not forgotten.

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True, unfortunately.

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@mrswho – AHHHH, Corner Gas! I loved that show!

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@casheroo I miss Oz too! That show was awesome.

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Beverly Hills 90210 was an amazing show! I still have the seasons and watch them. Also Dawson’s Creek was a great show. And Wildfire as well. I miss them =(

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Oh Joss Whedon… so under appreciated. I think it’s time to watch Serenity again soon.

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@emmy23 I can’t argue that it was a “good” show, but Dawson’s Creek was definitely a big part of my young teenaged years.

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Arrested Development, and Seinfeld even though it plays every night i wish there were new ones coming out instead and also Home Movies

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@adreamofautumn Yes Dawsons Creek is great. I am a big Pacey/Joey fan.

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the facts of life

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Scrubs just ended. :(

But I think they still do re-runs.

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I really enjoyed the show “LIFE”. Only 2 seasons and it was gone.

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LaFemme Nikita(TV_series)

Full episodes now on the internet!

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The Crocodile Hunter~Steve Irwin
Croc Diaries~Steve Irwin
Cheers Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your name. And their always glad you came. You wanna be where you can see, the troubles are all the same. You wanna go where everybody knows your name. <<sing it>> lol It was one of my all time favorite sit coms
Great Question!

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@jonsblond Great choices! I liked them both as well!
@tiffyandthewall Good one! you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have, the facts of life! hehehe!

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About a year ago, my parents got this idea to look up all the shows they enjoyed watching when they were little. They got me started on The Dick Van Dyke show. I really wish they had some of the 60s and 70s music and TV shows back on.

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Sex and the City.
Unsolved Mysteries.

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buffy the vampire slayer and angel. gosh i miss those shows.

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