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Tv shows you loved that aren't on anymore would include?

Asked by ucme (46534points) July 21st, 2010

Those long running never to be forgotten classics of the past. Either recent or dim & distant. Did you buy the dvd’s to refresh your enthusiasm & indeed memory of these shows?

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Six Feet Under

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I rely on my razor sharp memory rather than buy dvds.
I enjoy “I Love Goosy” very much! ;)

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I honestly don’t miss anything.

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Homicide: Life on the Street (one of the best written and acted shows ever produced on network TV) and Howdy Doody (my childhood favorite).

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All the ones I loved aren’t on any more.

A few from the list:

The X-Files
The Equalizer (Hard to bring back, Edward Woodward died last year)
Kojak (RIP Telly Savalas)—never watched the Ving Rhames version. He’ll always be Marcellus Wallace to me—-
Starsky & Hutch
The Untouchables
The Honeymooners

Did I mention I’m old?

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Mostly old nick and cartoon network shows.

As for live action shows, ive been watching News Radio a lot lately. I forgot how amazingly great and underrated that show was. It really is a shame about Phil Hartman though, that show probably could have been around much longer.

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“Beavis and Butthead”...I still hope that Mike Judge will show them on “King of the Hill”

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and Dilbert… I loved that show

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Northern Exposure
Arrested Development

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Hey Dude
Salute Your Shorts
Clarissa Explains it All
Mr. Belvidere
The Commish
Welcome Back Kotter
Looney Tunes (if someone knows if this is being aired on a network, let me know)
American Gladiators (so fun to make fun of them)
Double Dare
The Price is Right (Bob Barker)
Perfect Strangers
The Wonder Years
21 Jump Street
Jem and the Misfits

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I’ll re-visit this question in a little while but I’d like to take this time to say that Hulu has a bunch of shows that I never saw before and only lasted for one or two seasons. And some of them I think are great and wish they had survived a bit longer.

One of them is Stacked, with Pamela Anderson. I never bothered watching it on TV but I watched all the episodes on Hulu and it was a really funny show.

Also, Reaper was good. Manhatten, AZ was funny and I’m surprised it ever made it on TV in the first place.

There’s a bunch more, but I don’t have time to list them at the moment.

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West Wing

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I can’t believe no one has yet said Hill Street Blues

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I miss Buffy. The story never really had a conclusion. :(

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Most shows, while I miss them, I feel ran their course – so I can’t feel too bad.
But here’s a few that I loved that were cancelled far too quickly:

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Jack and Jill(TV_series)

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Hogans Heroes
las Vegas
I <3 northern exposure
Courtship of Eddies Father
My 3 sons
patty duke

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Rocky Road
Safe at Home

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The Dick VanDyke Show (with Mary Tyler Moore)
Hill Street Blues
St Elsewhere
Kung Fu
the Midnight Special
Mr. Rogers
Rocky and Bullwinkle (was that the name of the cartoon?)
Wild Kingdom

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@jjmah Credit where it’s due, that just made my kids laugh. Worthy of a mention in my book.

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The West Wing.

I, of course, own all the seasons.

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Misfits of Science

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Married With Children
Quantum Leap
Tour of Duty

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Haha. Misfits of Science. You are dating yourself. Loved that show.

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The Wonder Years.
Men in Trees.
Kath and Kim (original Australian version).
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.
(This satire on soap operas ran every night after the news for two years. It starred Louise Lasser and a cast of other loonies and was created and directed by Norman Lear of “All in the Family” fame. Louise Lasser as the frazzled housewife and her best friend, Mary Kay Place as Loretta the country western singer were priceless. Mary found herself plucked in bizarre plotlines that involved murder, adultery, homosexuality, UFO sightings, venereal disease, religious cults and yellow wax buildup on floors. Very over the top controversial comedy for its time. Still funny after all these years, but you have to watch it in sequence or it won’t be as funny.)

Green Acres. (Eva Gabor in a negligee and diamonds living in a run-down farmhouse having to climb a pole to use the telephone and a former New York attorney husband who wears different tailored suits to do his farm chores. The cast of characters were absurd, satirical, bordering on the surreal…hence its appeal. As a kid, I thought it was funny “ha-ha”.As an adult, I see the underlying twisted humor and it’s bloomin’ marvelous. )

I’m Alan Partridge. (Hands-down the funniest comedy ever produced on British television that didn’t involve slapstick, bathroom humor, gags, pratfalls and relied solely on character driven wit..Steve Coogan is an underrated comic genius despite that he probably thinks that of himself.)

The Royle Family. (What life is really like in the UK? Very well-written comedy.)

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What’s Happening!

Hey HEY hey!

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@tinyfaery Hey, I saw it in reruns! Really.

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Oh, then I showed my age.

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@cprevite I thought I was the only person who ever actually watched Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip!

@wilma my two favorite television shows of all time are on your list: Kung Fu and St. Elsewhere. Kung Fu was cheesy, but I loved it just the same. When he came out of the The Box in the very first episode looking refreshed and rested and all the other railroad workers fell to their knees to worship Kwai Chang it was one of television’s greatest moments. St. Elsewhere is literally the best show ever aired on network television.

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Davey Crockett, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, Bonanza, and Laramie!

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Dead Like Me was my most favorite show ever. It was only on for two seasons, and I thought it was a horrible shame when it was canceled. It was smart and funny. I still watch it on Netflix when I really need a fix.

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Seinfeld, x-files

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Quantum Leap

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see you later folks…got to go watch Law and Order and Bones! Two of my favorite!

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Despite many articles to the contrary, I find great shows every year, but they disappear. One example is Probe, a series written by Isaac Asimov that only ran 7 episodes.

Murder She Wrote and hundreds of others.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation
Max Headroom
Doctor Who
The Muppet Show
Night Gallery
The Twilight Zone
The Tracey Ullman Show

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Star Trek TOS
I Dream Of Jeannie
The Monkees
Golden Girls
The West Wing
Arrested Development
Fawlty Towers
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
A Bit Of Fry And Laurie
The Twilight Zone

Really, anything that Nick at Nite or TVLand played.
A good chuck of my favorite shows are ones that aren’t on anymore. Thank God for TV on DVD.

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@filmfann SportsNight – incredible show.

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Three Seasons or more
SeaQuest DSV
Night Court
Quantum Leap
Family Ties
Married With Children
Mystery Science Theater 3K
Parker Lewis
Stargate [all of ‘em]
Herman’s Head
Greatest American Hero

Two Seasons or Less
Bosom Buddies
Police Squad
Better Off Ted
Dead Like Me
Dollhouse (?)
The Dresden Files
Human Target(?)
Manhattan, AZ
New Amsterdam
Due South
The Pretender
Defying Gravity

Okay. There’s probably more but this is good to get started with. These are the US shows.

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Once upon a time, a few years back, there was a show called Point Pleasant. It was only on for a few episodes then I guess it was cancelled. But it seemed really interesting and I enjoyed it.

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@mrentropy Bosom Buddies was my favorite show when I was a kid! I never realized it was only on for two seasons.

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@SuperMouse: Oh no, I LURVED Studio 60. It was cancelled way too soon.

@Lightlyseared: Quantum Leap was a great show.

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@knitfroggy I think things seemed to last longer when you’re a kid. I had to double-check Bosom Buddies so I’d know which category to put it.

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Golden Girls is still on the Hallmark Channel and Oxygen.

Star Trek TNG is still on BBC and SyFy.

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@poofandmook As are old and new Dr Who

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@poofandmook I took it as no longer making new episodes, since lots of shows are in syndication somewhere in the world.

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@papayalily: Oh, okay. I took it to mean not being played on any channels anymore.

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Anyone here older enough to remember Amos and Andy?

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Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Leave it to Beaver just to name a few. I’m dating myself, but @BoBo1946 I’m not old enough to remember Amos and Andy.

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@BoBo1946 I’m not technically old enough to remember the show, but I’ve seen quite a few episodes and listened to a radio show or two.

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@mrentropy very funny show! Remember this one episode, Kingfish said, “Andy you don’ t have sense enough to get out of the da rain!” And Andy responded, “oh Kingfish, yes i do, done it lots of times!”

Due to some thinking it was racial in nature, they took it off the air. Well, did not see that way. Thought they were just funny people making a good living on TV. Bet their heirs did not like it being taken off the air.

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@BoBo1946 You will be opening a can of worms with me by bringing this up. To be clear, as can be seen by my picture, I’m as white as Wonder Bread.

With that out of the way, Hulu has a movie called Amos & Andy: Anatomy of a Controversy which should be required watching.

I love the show. I think it’s funnier than a lot of other “classic” shows that were allowed to run. The actors and actresses were brilliant and I think it’s a crime that they weren’t allowed to be remembered by everyone like Lucille Ball, Jackie Gleason, and the other stars of the 1950s were.

The first time I watched an episode I was waiting for all the racist things in there. I was expecting everyone to speak like they came out of Uncle Toms Cabin, eating watermelon and fried chicken, and God knows what else.

What I saw was a mostly black cast were the only one who talked funny was Kingfish. Most of the main actors spoke perfectly “normal” English. All the background characters spoke perfectly well. It was just… a very funny show.

Granted, one was a crooked lawyer. But I couldn’t count on two hands how many shows have crooked white lawyers. Kingfish was a backstabbing jerk, sure. But that’s not a racial stereotype, that’s a character type. They’re all over the sitcom world. Some of the situations they got into were a little “out there” but, again, all over the sitcom world.

On the other hand, Amos & Andy had black doctors, lawyers, judges, policemen, and other professionals. Long before The Cosby Show. White and black people interacted with each other without any signs of hostility. The show was very ahead of it’s time.

It saddens me that the NAACP fought so hard to get this show taken off the air. Frankly, even after hearing the reasons why, it just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s not even if the actors were treated poorly for being black. As I understand it, they were paid very well for the time period.

Anyway, if you watch that movie you’ll hear from one or two of the actors of the show also saying that they wished it had not been taken off the air. Plus a lot of modern black actors saying the same thing.

The funny thing is, when I have a conversation with someone about Amos & Andy they always tell me how horribly racist it was, yet they had never seen an episode.

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@BoBo1946 Hoo boy, you do like to stir up controversy don’t you. I remember laughing myself silly watching that.

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Really? No mention of Andromeda?

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@mrentropy Calhoun…the lawyer! And “lightning” was hilarious.

just curious, why did you mention that you were white? That never entered my mind! Am i missing something here? Maybe, i should have never mentioned Amos and Andy. Ummmm

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@YARNLADY controversy…how? just stating facts! you said, laughed myself silly…me too. It was a great show. You confused me with that statement.

Just venting…i guess the feeling that many on Fluther are looking to turn something into controversy. NOT me! just saying!

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@BoBo1946 Because the issue with Amos & Andy was race, and if anyone wanted to raise that point it would already be out there. For informational purposes, as it were.

BoBo1946's avatar

oh, never my intentions! Just thought it was a funny show! Like Redfox, loved it. Cosby’s show was good! loved Red Skelton!

Anyway, thank you for the response and have a good one!

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Listed in no particular order:

Testees (the Jellybean Omelet episode left me in stitches)
Titus (I know!)
Eerie, Indiana
Primeval (BBCA)
Mystery Science Theater
The Dresden Files
Dead Like Me
Terminator : The Sarah Conner Chronicles

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In order:
Twin Peaks! (I have a pretty major Twin Peaks obsession)
Arrested Development
Dead Like Me

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I forgot Sliders.

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Pretty sure the Monkees Show hasn’t been mentioned!

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@Dutchess_III I used to hate M*A*S*H when I was a kid. I didn’t “get” it, I guess. My husband is a big fan, and I started watching it with him. We watch it everyday now!

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@knitfroggy Don’t tell anyone but I knew M*A*S*H when it wasn’t reruns!

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speaking of shows…got to get busy or will not get to watch Bones. Just love that show. btw, Memphis Heat is pretty good also. especially, us that lived in Mphs once.

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@Dutchess_III I remember it when it wasn’t it reruns too…I have a clear memory of watching the final episode! I must have been about 8.

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Apparently, I’ll have to add ‘Heroes’ to my earlier list.

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“The Muppet Show”. Not only was it hysterical, but watching it was one of the few things that Mom, Dad and I all did together on a regular basis. (He was a traveling salesman.)

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Amos n Andy was fantastic. My husband has a lot of their shows on VHS (he didn’t record them; he bought the tapes). I really miss it.
Bonanza was good too.

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I miss seeing Chingy’s Holidae Inn video on MTV in the mornings before going to school. I don’t know why.

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I’m happy to say that I can take Primeval off of my earlier list. It starts up again this Saturday night.

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