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Why does the shark in jaws2 have a burn on its nose?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) March 17th, 2009

why does the shark have this burn if in the 1st film it dies .
also how could they make all the other films did they really want us to believe that other sharks knew what they had done,or that his family members had any knowledge of who killed what shark at the end of every jaws film the shark dies !

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From eating the shark in Jaws 3. It also has rug burns on its knees and elbows but you can’t see them unless you look close.

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@Mr_M did the shark in jaws2 time travel also so it could meet with said shark from jaws3 to then munch it :L
i missed the rug burns but saw the bolder burns around its pectoral fins

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I want to watch it now ):

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i am dead sure that the shark in the 1st movie was the one who got exploded into a million fragments by the oxygen tank .confusion as to why jaws2 (has to be a different shark) has a burn on its face .and why every film has a new shark yet its targeting the brody family for what happened in the last film .

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It’s a movie about a shark who practically chomped a boat in half.. need we question further the realism of said shark?

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I was watching ET and wondering why Speak ‘n Spell products aren’t around anymore since they can help us communicate with alien lifeforms.

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you can still buy speak N spell
i am lucky to have my two originals
i do notice that there are places that sell modded speak N spell’s

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it burned its nose

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@laxrrockr18 do you even know what i am speaking about if not dont leave anything

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