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Are you having corned beef and cabbage for dinner tonight?

Asked by SuperMouse (30788points) March 17th, 2009

At the grocery store last night I saw enough corned beef and cabbage on prominent display to feed all of our troops around the globe. Does anyone actually eat corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day? Are any other quintessentially Irish meals?

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I ALWAYS have corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day. And Irish soda bread.

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I had some pringles for dinner. Maybe they had it at the defac.. I’ll never know. (and I’m probably healthier for it too)

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No. I’m not having it. I used to—when we went to the big parade in old Metairie, we would have nice traditional Irish meals. But now that I live on my own, I don’t generally eat anything special on St. Ps. Last year we went out for a big Irish breakfast and that was super fun. This year, schedules did not permit.

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I have been partaking in Guinness sampling since, yesterday (I’m on holidays! =)). Guinness, it’s a meal in itself.

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The funny thing is, people in Ireland don’t eat corned beef and cabbage. Corned beef is primarily a Jewish meal.

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@rawpixels Next thing I know, you’re going to say the Italians don’t eat deep dish… or the Chinese don’t eat General Tso Chicken.

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We have Lamb Stew, Irish Soda Bread and a cake I make with Baileys (the cake isn’t Irish, but it’s goooood!)

When I was in Ireland I asked my friends there about corned beef & cabbage and I got the very, hairy, Irish eyeball of death! They said it was strictly for the tourists. I do love it anyway.

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Hehehheh, I was just about to.

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I wait until it is still on sale after the holiday and make a 21st century version of New England boiled dinner. (In which the vegetables are not cooked to death.)

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I’m so sad because I’m away at college and can’t have my best friend’s mother’s delicious corned beef and cabbage, which has been a tradition since I was in about 2nd or 3rd grade. Sigh.

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My mum’s making it tonight. It’s a family tradition.

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Had it for lunch and it was sooo good. :).

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We’ve had it in the past (I’m not a big fan, but my husband is the cook). This year, we just had a thrown together casserole – homemade mac & cheese with ground beef, mushrooms and onions mixed in. It was delish! His son and his son’s girlfriend came over and we drank more than ate. ;-)

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