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How can my girlfriend find a job in the non-profit sector?

Asked by brownlemur (4081points) November 1st, 2007

My girlfriend has a Master’s degree in Social Work and is finishing her MBA this Spring. She would like to get a job in non-profit management in Austin, TX (where I am), and I am wondering how I can help her with a job search. Any suggestions?

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The Texas Association of Non-Profit Organizations (TANO) has a career site that should also be of great help:

The kind of non-profit she would like to manage also makes a great difference. I’m not sure how large of an organization she’d like to work in, but she’d be well-suited for a career managing a part of a healthcare organization -large or small. If she wants to get a good job that will give her good benefits, a lot of exposure and an idea of how the whole game works, she should also look specifically at not-for-profit health organizations in Texas. Seton is a big player there, and MD Anderson is one of the top cancer orgs in the country. Something to consider!

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Opportunity Knocks, Wiser Earth and are some other great places to find nonprofit job listings.

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My advice is to start networking with people in the field she’s interested in. She should start going to coffee with people, asking them about what they do, let them know she’s interested, give them her resume, etc. Websites definitely help find job listings, but knowing people in the field will allow her to know about job openings before they’re posted and will get her out there meeting people, which may be helpful in whatever job she ends up getting.

Good luck!

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My advice is to start a project of her own. That way, she’s seen as a leader rather than somebody without ideas. Just like Fluther, the guys behind it are business owners rather than geeks now. If you start, it’ll grow from there. And, you attract people who like your working style rather than trying to filter through opportunities.

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