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How does work?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) November 2nd, 2007

I was researching a trip to Paris and I checked out ..Rooms near the Eiffel tower usually range from 200–500$ a night. But on the “bid now” portion of it says it can book a 4 star hotel near the Eiffel tower for $90 a night? Also when do they let you know which hotel they got for you?

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You’ll know immediately after you book it.

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The trick is that you will not know which hotel property you have booked until you’ve purchased. Priceline takes advantage of blocks of rooms (or airline seats) that the hotels or airlines otherwise have not or do not see selling before your trip. They would rather have your 90 dollars as opposed to zero. Priceline works well in a pinch (say you just got called to a meeting in Boston on Monday and don’t care how you get there but it needs to be cheap). Priceline isn’t for you if you want to pick from a list of hotels, research, etc. before you buy. Read their cancellation policies closely.

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