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Did anyone else have these initial reactions to Wellbutrin?

Asked by aviona (3260points) March 17th, 2009

So I told you all I’d give you an update. This is my first day taking Wellbutrin. I’m supposed to start off at 75mg and eventually work my way up to 150mg. You’re supposed to take it in the morning because apparently it can keep people up at night.
Right now I’m feeling exactly the opposite and I took it about 4 hours ago. I feel really lightheaded. Like my head is a balloon. I feel really detached from my surroundings and rather unemotional (which, I have to say is a nice break). I sort of feel like I’m in a fishbowl.
I know it’s only my first day and I’m sure the side effects will all change and I will acclimate to the drug. I was just curious if anyone else had similar initial reactions.

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call a docter, or sue the company

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Yes, yes, yes. I stopped Welbutrin because it made me feel “not like me.” You’re more eloquent about it than I was. :) Talk to your dr about what you’re experiencing. It’s just the 1st day, so likely he or she will suggest you keep taking it for a while to see what happens.

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@laxrrockr18 haha very funny

@Likeradar I wouldn’t exactly call it eloquent, but thanks, it’s nice to know I can still describe how I am felling even when I am in such a haze. I’m definitely willing to stick with it as long as I don’t get to awful, awful tremors that I’ve experienced with past medications. But my doctor was very insistent on me calling him if I had any concerns. Thanks for your input, though.

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It’s normal to feel spacey and light-headed starting on anti-depressants. I remember, when I first started on Wellbutrin, that I was really on edge—I couldn’t sleep, I felt dizzy, etc. The initial effects wore off, and eventually I just started feeling “normal.” That was nice. I think Wellbutrin is one of the better anti-depressants, but different people react to drugs differently. One I would not recommend is Paxil. That is a really scary drug. It made me feel like a zombie—NO emotions. None. I never cried, I never laughed, I never felt. It scared me so bad, I went off cold turkey and suffered horrible dizziness, nausea, etc. for over a month. Whatever you do, don’t go off any anti-depressant cold turkey!

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I stopped taking Wellbutrin because it made me feel jumpy and restless.

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@suzyq2463 Paxil was the first anti-depressant they put me on because my mom had been on it for years! About a year and a half ago she weaned off it and I remember she had a really hard time—I can’t imagine going cold turkey.
Thank you, though, I really do appreciate your advice and support.

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I felt like that in the beginning but it evened out. Give it a few weeks. Call your doctor if it gets worse.

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:) thanks @elijahsuicide. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

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I’m surprised you feel it the first day. It took a while for it to kick in for me. You’re taking a pretty small dose, too (I’m at 400, and I was up at 600).

So far, I haven’t had very averse reactions to my mood and depression drugs. The side effects are annoying, but not too annoying.

So I concur. Stick with it for a few weeks, to see how it goes. Check back with the shrink regularly and keep him or her up to date. If you can get an email address, that might facilitate the process. If they want to see you, go in.

Good luck!

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Hey aviona, I hope you got your problem resolved. I would defintely talk to my doctor for some alternatives. If you are on generic, try going on brand, (some people i noticed have different reactions to brand and generic). Although it should be the same.

You might also consider Lexapro. Although Lexaporo inhibits the reuptake of a DIFFERENT neurotrasmitter.

As i’ve noticed with patients, Wellbutrin mostly have mild like caffeine effects, but some said it increases their anxiety. I believe that’s one of its side effects, increases anxiety. Lexapro does not have caffeine like effect and it reduces anxiety and and depression. So maybe try different things. There are alot out there, it just depends on you and your insurance which has a better co-payment.

I suggest having a really good psy care since, this is a big issue. Maybe you really dont need them :) You will be okay. Take care

Oh, i found this website for you to check out about bupropion

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I kind of had the same experiences in the beginning but it will taper off. Just give it some time. If a few weeks go by and you are feeling the same side effects then I would definitely call your doctor. good luck.

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I would like to second @FrancisRude‘s comment about generic vs non-generic. Sometimes, according to my shrink, it does make a difference. In my case, fortunately, it didn’t. This is a good thing, because the copay for real Welbutrin was a hell of a lot higher.

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@daloon Yeah insurance sucks! Hahaha.. Also, some insurance would want a prior authorization for certain AD’s. But I think Wellbutrin is common on most formularies.

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Try not having insurance :-(
I had to switch to the generic and that is $120/mo.

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@elijahsuicide do you by any chance live in California? Try asking for CARX (California Discount). Also, shop around for prices. I found this article about Wal Mart. I dont know what stregnth are you taking but here is the article. Hope it helps.

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Hey thanks for all the generic vs. non generic advice everyone.

I have Kaiser, which I hate for a lot of bureaucracy, but it is great to get cheap meds. And I do appreciate having insurance period. I think I’m going to add that to the “What do we take for granted thread.”

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@FrancisRude actually I take Budeprion SR. I think it’s just another generic. I am ready to try something else though, it’s been 3 years on it and the last 6 months I feel it isn’t working anymore.

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In response to thoughts on Paxil and Lexapro- remember everyone reacts different to medications. Just because someone has a bad or good reaction, doesn’t mean you will. Psychopharmocology is a tricky thing!
I work in a mental health clinice and see how different the effects can be. Some people are too tired on 25mg of Seroquel and others take 800mg and feel fine. It may take awhile to find the right meciation for you! good luck everyone

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