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What do you think of the SciFi channel rebranding to SyFy?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14733points) March 18th, 2009

The SciFi station is rebranding and in the process renaming itself as “SyFy”. Thoughts? Opinions?

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My immediate reaction was, “Ugh!”. Why do they have to stupid down everything these days?!

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That’s dumb.

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That’s just plain silly!

What does it even mean, anyway?

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Yep, dumming things down.

Another good example: Chick-Fil-A…Because ‘filet’ can be a tough one.

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That’s fucking it.
I hate tv stations. They make idiotic decisions.

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At first I thought it was stupid, but as long as they don’t change the quality of the programs (that includes keeping the scifi pictures originals as silly and stupid) then I don’t care.

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What’s really sad is some moron likely got a nice bonus check for coming up with that “brilliant” idea.

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That is almost as bad as Pepsi’s stupid new logo…..

“Fuck you & the horse you rode in on SciFi channel!”

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Stupid. “Siffy?”

Matches their programming though.

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Hahahahahaha! ::wipes tear:: Seriously, they paid some marketing dorks a few mil for that?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Hey, wait, they could’ve paid me to do that!


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The “P” is silent (and invisible).

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I think it is really, really goofy. I’ll never, ever watch the SyFy channel again. Oh wait, I don’t watch it now.

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I didn’t know it until I read this. My first reaction was, “Wow, that’s really dumb.”

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Sigh, fie!

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@peedub dont you be dissin chick-fil-a…

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You guys don’t get it, they’ve found that they can’t trademark SciFi ‘cause it was a term that people used before the channel was born, so to try to make it so that people can’t copy stuff that they make with their logos, they’re going to change their own logo.

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We get it. It’s just dopey-looking.

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I don’t.

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@AstroChuck – Well, little guy, when a marketing department and a legal department of a big multinational media corporation like each other and they want to make a lot of money together very, very much, they call in a branding consultant, who subcontracts out to a…

You know what? Why don’t I tell you all about this when you’re a bit older?

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but so long as the programming stays the same, i don’t care too much.

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It doesn’t sound out to what they think it does… Many one word that ends in “y”, and is pronounced “i”... pretty, funny, happy (I can only think one one…) ;-)

Should have been “Syfi”?!?

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The name doesn’t phase me. I just wish they’d step up their lineup in terms of content.
The SciFi original movies are so ridiculously bad that it gives the whole network a bad name.

I think they could do so much more with that network.
If they showed classic sci fi movies it would be such a big improvement.
Seeing the original Dune film by David Lynch once in a while would be awesome.

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I couldn’t agree more.

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