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Find where a person is buried?

Asked by MarthaDunn1 (1points) March 18th, 2009

Need to know name of cemetery where a person was buried in Tennessee

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Try Find a Grave. It’s a gigantic searchable database of cemetery records compiled largely by volunteers who just scour cemeteries copying information off of grave markers.

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Couple of ideas and I don’t know how things work in Tennessee.

The place of burial (or cremation) is ALWAYS listed on a death certificate so that is an easy way to get that information. However, different states have different rules about how and where death certificates are issued. In most places, it is recorded by the county where the death occurred, NOT where the decedent lived and NOT where he or she was buried.

So if you know the county where this person died, call the county’s records office – they have different titles in different places to see how Tennessee works. Always state that you are asking for purposes of genealogy, otherwise you might run up against privacy statutes.

Or subscribe to this mailing list, and then post a query about how to go about doing this. People on rootsweb are very helpful and since they are amateur or professional genealogists their information is usually spot on.

Or see if the local newspaper obituary archives are on line and look for an obit. If the place of burial is not stated, it will state the name of the funeral home and that is another place to contact.

Good luck


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These are some great answers. I have nothing more to add.

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What was the date of death? Are we talking about Carl H Still

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